Cody runner Riley Smith finished first in two events and second in another in Gillette.

The Cody indoor track team broke through a period of sickness to post good results at the indoor track meet last weekend in Gillette.

Grace Shaffer won two individual events, Riley Smith recorded first- and second-place finishes and helped power the 1,600-meter sprint relay to a victory.

Jazlyn Waltari, Holly Spiering and Baylee Stafford contributed to the relay victory as the Fillies continued to show their strength in middle and long distance running events.

Shaffer, part of two other fourth-place relay teams, won the pole vault by clearing 11 feet and ran 9.11 in the 55-meter hurdles. She was still recovering from the flu the week before.

“I felt good about (the events),” she said. “Usually when I get sick it takes me awhile to get back into my rhythm, but today I performed well.”

Smith won the two-mile run in 11:38.34 and came in second in the 400 at 1:04.39. Her split in the relay was also a PR in the 400.

“I thought I had a pretty good day,” she said.

For the small Broncs team, the sprint medley relay team led the way with a top finish. Tyler Grenz, Graidin Arnold, Jake Edgar and Braydon Bond finished with a time of 4:11.24.

“The medley is one of my favorite races and it’s good to be able to win it with some of the other guys on the team,” Grenz said.

Wyatt Becker secured two top-10 finishes in the mile and two-mile, while Isaac Taylor finished fourth in the 55-meter hurdles.

“They had a good meet,” coach Bret Engdahl said. “We are coming back from a lot of sickness. Grace and Riley ran well. Holly had a good meet as well.

“Lots of personal bests on both sides.”

Gillette Invitational


55-meter dash: 17) Autumn Wilson, 8.11; 24) Soffy Anderson, 8.22 (tie); 24) Jazlyn Waltari, 8.22 (tie); 34) Alex Nelson, 8.35; 37) Issie Foote, 8.40; 47) Moran Heydenberk, 8.62; 78) Emma Cooke, 9.33.

200-meter run: 24) Waltari, 30.50; 26) Nelson, 30.64; 39) Heydenberk, 31.98; 41) Nevaeh Asay, 32.00; 42) Foote, 32.18; 63) Cooke, 35.36.

400-meter run: 2) Riley Smith, 1:04.39.

800-meter run: 9) Baylee Stafford, 2:40.73; 19) Taylen Stinson, 2:49.39; 20) Rachel Sanchez, 2:49.40; 27) Raelyn Mong, 2:56.09.

1,600-meter run: 10) Ava Stafford, 5:57.42.

3,200-meter run: 1) Smith, 11:38.34; 7) A. Stafford, 13:19.61.

55-meter hurdles: 1) Grace Shaffer, 9.11; 8) Nevaeh Asay, 10.14; 16) Sarah Andre, 10.48.

4x200-meter relay: 4) Cody (Wilson, Shaffer, Waltari, Holly Spiering) 1:57.21.

4x400-meter relay: 4) Cody (Shaffer, Spiering, B. Stafford, Smith) 4:46.34.

1,600 sprint relay: 1) Cody (Waltari, Spiering, B. Stafford, Smith) 4:32.85.

High jump: 5) Andre 4-08; 20) Anderson 4-02.

Pole vault: 1) Shaffer, 11; 3) Kinsie Reed, 10; 4) Nyah Meier, 9-06.

Long jump: 6) Spiering, 15-05.5; 8) Reed, 14-11.5; 28) Anderson, 12-06; 47) Wilson, 9-11.5.

Shot put: 29) Ella Boltz, 26-03.5.


55-meter dash: 35) Daniel Geoghegan, 7.14; 37) Tyler Grenz, 7.17; 44) Todd Bowles, 7.29; 63) Graidin Arnold, 7.57; 67) Hayden Bronnenberg, 7.72.

200-meter run: 34) Grenz, 26.19.

400-meter run: 16) Braydon Bond, 59.57; 36) Bronnenberg, 1:03.55; 47) Bridger Hult, 1:07.22.

800-meter run: 32) Jake Edgar, 2:33.01; 47) Ian Townsend, 2:46.26.

1,600-meter run: 9) Wyatt Becker, 5:02.46.

3,200-meter run: 8) Becker, 11:25.18.

55-meter hurdles: 4) Isaac Taylor, 8.63; 15) Graidin Arnold, 9.97.

4x400-meter relay: 8) Cody A (Bond, Geoghegan, Arnold, Jackson Gail) 4:01.15; 11) Cody B (Jake Edgar, Bridger Hult, Bronnenberg, Townsend) 4:24.19.

1,600 sprint relay: 1) Cody (Grenz, Arnold, Edgar, Bond) 4:11.24.

High jump: 11) Taylor, 5-04; 14) Edgar, 5-02.

Pole vault: 7) Geoghegan, 11-06.

Shot put: 23) Todd Bowles, 38-08.5; 46) Rhys Humphries-Wadsworth, 34-02.25.

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