It was senior night, but a freshman nearly overshadowed the emotion of the day.

Cody seniors Marissa Rosenbaum, Cassidy Vaughn and Kaelee VanNortrick were honored at the last home swim meet of the season Tuesday at the Rec Center – even though there are six weeks left in their season.

But freshman Ally Boysen recorded a rare achievement.

With her third-place time of 1 minute, 20.78 seconds in the 100-yard breaststroke, Boysen reached a state meet qualifying time in all eight individual events this season.

The last time a Cody swimmer did that was in the fall of 2016 when Miranda Williams did so. Williams still swims for Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash.

Boysen is unlikely to be alone in fulfilling that goal for the Fillies this season. Her sister Megan has qualified in seven events for the Nov. 7-8 state championships in Gillette.

Rosenbaum and Paige Bower have qualified in five events.

Powell won the dual meet, 106-74, but as they have all season, the Fillies established personal best times galore – even though they practiced in the morning.

“It was hard, but it was good,” Ally Boysen said of her accomplishment. She is a little surprised she hit all of those marks so early in the season, but proud of doing so.

There were many tears on the pool deck as the seniors reflected on their time in the program.

Rosenbaum recorded a best of 27.26 in winning the 50-yard freestyle. She has been knocking off tenths regularly.

“I went into today and I wanted to get under 27,” she said.

In an unusual double, in one day Rosenbaum clocked an all-time best in the 50 and a seasonal best in the 500 with her 6:01.62, though that is still off her sophomore year 5:48 personal record.

“It was very, very emotional,” Rosenbaum said of her final home meet after four years with the Fillies.

Capable of gaining attention from college recruiters, Rosenbaum said tendinitis in her left shoulder will probably keep her from competing after this year.

Even this season, she is backing off from the breaststroke and butterfly because of the motion of the strokes. So at best she will only add one qualifying event.

“I really, really want to get the backstroke,” she said.

If she does have to stop swimming, Rosenbaum said, “It’s going to be a huge bummer.”

VanNortrick, who moved to Cody her junior year, clipped a second off her best butterfly time Tuesday. But she also recently sneaked in a 50 freestyle relay time of 29.94 seconds that was official because it was the first leg.

“I felt so relieved,” VanNortrick said of breaking the 30-second barrier. “I’ve been stuck on (30) for so long.”

VanNortrick said she plans to go to college in Florida to study movie animation.

Sophomore Tayleigh Hopkin lowered her time in the 100 freestyle to 1:01.62 and improved her 100 breaststroke best slightly, too.

Brylee Allred had a similar day, collecting bests in the 100 free at 1:02.75 and in the 200 with a gulp of improvement of four seconds.

Ally Boysen also trimmed eight seconds off her best individual medley time, but was disqualified for a false start.

Megan Boysen won the 100 fly, the 100 backstroke and was on the winning 200-yard medley relay.

“You just sit there and smile,” said coach Buffy Allred of watching so many swimmers do so well week after week. “You’re sort of blown away. These guys are amazing. They’re doing things they didn’t think they could do.”

Allred said a few words about each senior. She accused Vaughn of “going over to the dark side” to play volleyball for a season in the middle of her three swim years.

“Volleyball was my favorite sport for a while,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn hopes to study psychology at the University of Washington. She was reminded of a different kind of legacy Tuesday.

A couple of years ago, Vaughn and teammate Sara Kight did not advance to the second day of the conference championships.

To support the Fillies that day they showed up dressed in chicken mascot outfits to cheer.

Vaughn can’t believe she is a senior.

“Four years fly by,” she said. “It’s crazy. I feel so young.”

Cody-Powell Dual

Teams: Powell 106, Cody 74.

Cody individuals

200-yard medley relay: 1) Cody (Megan Boysen, Tayleigh Hopkin, Kaelee VanNortrick, Ally Boysen), 2:02.68; 4) Cody (Paige Bower, Emma Cook, Zelma Rudd, Cassidy Vaughn), 2:23.09. 200 freestyle: 2) Bower, 2:17.51; 4) Brylee Allred, 2:23.16; 6) Mahayla Allred, 2:34.44. 200 individual medley: 4) Taylen Stinson, 3:00.69; 5) Rudd, 3:12.79; 6) Allie Ennist, 3:14.24. 50 freestyle: 1) Marissa Rosenbaum, 27.26; 6 (tie) VanNortrick, 30.05; 8) Cheyenne Farmer, 31.77; 9) Vaughn, 32.63; 11) Cook, 33.81. 100 butterfly: 1) M Boysen, 1:08.52; 2) VanNortrick, 1:12.07. 100 freestyle: 2) Hopkin, 1:01.62; 4) B. Allred, 1:02.75; 9) Rudd, 1:15.39; 10) Vaughn, 1:16.22.

500 freestyle: 1) Rosenbaum, 6:01.62; 5) M. Allred, 7:10.44; 6) Cook, 7:39.63. 200 free relay: 1) Cody (A. Boysen, Bower, Hopkin, Rosenbaum), 1:50.76; 4) Cody (B. Allred, Stinson, Farmer, Vaughn), 2:04.89 100 backstroke: 1) M. Boysen, 1:07.38; 6) Farmer, 1:19.83; 7) Stinson, 1:20.54; 12) Ennist, 1:33.75. 100 breaststroke: 2) Hopkin, 1:20.45; 3) A. Boysen, 1:20.78; 5) Bower, 1:26.43. 400 freestyle relay: 2) Cody (B. Allred, VanNortrick, Rosenbaum, M. Boysen), 4:17.33; 5) Cody (Stinson, Ennis, M. Allred, Farmer) 5:01.14.

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