Hallie Ogden goes for a layup while Ashlee Allen looks on against St. Stephens. (Photo by Angie Erickson)

Junior forwards Sammy and Abby May are identical twins, which apparently completely fooled Ten Sleep and St. Stephens in their girls basketball games against Meeteetse last week.

The Lady Longhorns bested Ten Sleep 41-36 and St. Stephens 57-54 to boost their winning streak to eight straight games.

Those opposing defenses couldn’t really cover either one of them.

Sammy had a career-high 20 points against St. Stephens and 15 against Ten Sleep, leading Meeteetse both times.

And Abby was right behind her as a contributor, collecting eight points versus Ten Sleep and 11 versus St. Stephens.

It was a double-sister act in those games that increased Meeteetse’s record to 9-7 after a 1-7 start.

Freshman Delanie Salzman went for nine in the Ten Sleep game and eight in the St. Stephens game. Senior Bryce Salzman scored eight versus St. Stephens.

“Bryce Salzman had a really solid game both in her play and her decision-making,” coach Ernie May said. “Samantha has really started to be consistent on the offensive side also.”

Sammy May was surprised she ran up 20 points.

“During the game it felt like I scored about 10 points,” she said. “When the stats came out, I saw it. I was pretty excited when I saw them.”

The victory over St. Stephens was particularly satisfied. Ernie May believes it was at least since the 2013-14 season the Longhorns last beat the Eagles.

“It’s been a long time,” Sammy May said.

Both wins showcased a new and improved Meeteetse squad that handled the ball better and did not let adversity disturb the game plan.

“The girls came out a bit flat in the first half and were down 21-15,” coach May said. “In the second half, they turned up the defensive intensity and took the lead. The girls battled with Ten Sleep the rest of the way. Both teams really wanted this conference win. However, if there is one thing I have learned is that these girls will compete until the final buzzer.”

Sammy May said in the past if things went wrong, the Longhorns would become tentative and nervous.

“I definitely think we’re a lot more comfortable,” she said.

Abby agreed that when things go awry, it is about “keeping your heads up. It was hard losing those first games (in tournaments).”

Capturing these two games was a boon.

“Overall, it was a huge weekend for the Lady ’Horns,” coach May said.

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