A star is born every meet for the Cody girls swim team. Actually, it seems more like the star of the minute.

Following an opening weekend of competition for the 2019 season during which swimmers clocked 18 state-meet qualifying times, the impossible-to-maintain pace slackened a little bit last Thursday and Friday.

But that was nothing to be depressed about. Five more such times were recorded Thursday in a meet at the Rec Center swept by the Fillies over Worland (160-128) and Newcastle (175-54).

The Fillies also placed third in their own Terry Bartlett Invitational on Friday.

The most ironic aspect of junior Megan Boysen’s qualifying time in the 500-yard freestyle is that she hates the event. It was just one more notch as she seeks to qualify in all eight individual events.

Boysen completed the task in 6 minutes, 32 seconds. But fans are not going to catch her in that event in Gillette in early November.

“I’m not a distance swimmer,” she said.

She’s an everything-else swimmer, though.

Thursday, she swam the first leg on the winning 200 medley relay and the opening leg of the winning 400 freestyle relay. She also triumphed in the 50 freestyle (26.99) and the 100 backstroke (1:07.82). Boysen has qualified for state already in six events.

Similarly, Ally Boysen, her freshman sister just beginning her high school career, has basically blitzed through the program.

Thursday, she won the 100 and 200 freestyle and was on a victorious relay team. Her 100 time of 58.66 was very swift for so early in the season.

Ally did not expect to qualify in six events in Rawlins her first weekend last week.

“I was kind of surprised,” she said. “It got me excited for the year.”

Marissa Rosenbaum has now qualified in four events and won the 200 freestyle Friday while also setting a personal best of 1:02.26 in the 100.

Sophomore Taylor Hopkin has clicked off two qualifying times and said it seems everyone is starting at a level this year they concluded at last year.

“It’s really cool,” she said. “We all seem to be getting our bests. I’m trying to qualify in every event.”

Paige Bower may beat her to it. She qualified in three events last week and added another Thursday. Then she set a personal best in the 100 backstroke in 1:11.39 Friday.

“Paige Bower is going to be a weapon,” coach Buffy Allred said.

The Fillies of this year seem to be less about qualifying for state than about how many different events each Filly can make it in.

“I want to get six,” Bower said.

Kaelee VanNortrick not only qualified in the 100 butterfly Thursday, she won the event in the three-team meet with a personal best of 1:13.16.

“I was proud of everybody,” VanNortrick said. “I was very, very excited when I saw my time.”

She worked for it too, pushing hard over the last yards.

“All I was thinking was, ‘Go, just go faster.”

Allred had the same reaction as VanNortrick – proud of how the Fillies swam.

“It was a good week for the girls,” she said. “It will be a fantastic year.”

Allred predicted more state qualifiers will emerge, including Emma Cook and Brylee Allred, both of who qualified last year, and Cheyenne Farmer.

Cook did not have enough practice before Friday, when she swam for the first time this year.

Brylee had been sidelined by illness, but made her debut Thursday and Friday, swimming well in both meets, including winning the 100 breastroke Thursday.

“I need to get my endurance back up,” she said. “This team is very supportive. We’re doing crazy good.”

Cody Tri Meet

Teams: Cody 160, Worland 128. Cody 175, Newcastle 54. Worland 205, Newcastle 53.


200-yard medley relay: 1) Cody (Megan Boysen, Brylee Allred, Alexa Etter, Sidney Johnson), 2 minutes, 8.44 seconds. 3) Cody (Taylen Stinson, Mahayla Allred, Paige Bower, Cassidy Vaughn), 2:36.67.

200 freestyle: 1) Ally Boysen, 2:15.91; 3) Kaelee VanNortrick, 2:36.13; 4) Allie Ennist, 3:00.99; 5) Zelma Rudd, 3:02.53.

200 individual medley: 2) Bower, 2:42,67; 4) Stinson, 3:05.45.

50 freestyle: 1) M. Boysen, 2) Marissa Rosenbaum, 27.59; 3) B. Allred, 28.87; 6) Cheyenne Farmer, 31.11; 8) Cassidy Vaughn, 33.66.

100 butterfly: 1) VanNortrick, 1:13.16; 4) Etter, 1:26.16.

100 freestyle: 1) A. Boysen, 58.66; 2)Tayleigh Hopkin, 1:02.45; 3) Johnson, 1:06.36; 6) M. Allred, 1:18.24.

500 freestyle: 1) Rosenbaum, 6:11.12.

200 freestyle relay: 1) Cody (B. Allred, Etter, Rosenbaum, A. Boysen), 1:55.72; 3) Cody (Farmer, Stinson, VanNortrick, Johnson), 2:04.88; 4) Cody (Vaughn, Ennist, M. Allred, Rudd), 2:21.52.

100 backstroke: 1) M. Boysen, 1:07.82; 2) Bower, 1:12.83; 3) Hopkin, 1:21.06; 7) Ennist, 1:36.19.

100 breaststroke: 1) B. Allred, 1:23.07; 3) Johnson, 1:35.19; 5) Rudd, 1:45.58.

400 free relay: 1) Cody (M. Boysen, Bower, Rosenbaum, A. Boysen), 4:18.66; 3 Cody (Farmer, Ennist, Stinson, VanNortrick), 5:02.33.

Terry Bartlett


Teams: 1) Powell, 396; 2) Buffalo, 352; 3) Cody, 221; 4) Worland, 152; 5) Newcastle, 82.


200 medley relay: 2) Cody (M. Boysen, Hopkin, VanNortrick, A. Boysen), 2:05.35; 6) Cody (Stinson, B. Allred, Bower, Johnson), 2:20.01.

200 freestyle: 1) Rosenbaum, 2:15.28; 9) M. Allred, 2:49.25; 10) Emma Cook, 2:51.81.

200 individual medley: 6) A. Boysen, 2:43.32; 11) Johnson, 2:54.08; 14) VanNortrick, 3:00.76.

50 freestyle: 3) M. Boysen, 27.72; 6) Hopkin, 28.42; 13) Stinson, 32.63; 14) Rudd, 33.07; 21) Ennist, 36.40.

100 butterfly: 8) A. Boysen, 1:17.18; 12) Bower, 1:25.1.

100 freestyle: 5) Rosenbaum, 1:02.26; 7) B. Allred, 1:04.60; 9) VanNortrick, 1:07.48; 16) Ennist, 1:20.20.

500 freestyle: 5) M. Boysen, 6:32; 7) Johnson, 7:04.82. 200 freestyle relay: 3) Cody (B. Allred, VanNortrick, Hopkin, Rosenbaum), 1:59.06; 8) Cody (M. Allred, Rudd, Ennis, Vaughn), 2:20.06.

100 backstroke: 2) Bower, 1:11.39; 8) Farmer, 1:20.51; 9) Stinson, 1:21.22.

100 breaststroke: 5) B. Allred, 1:24.40; 7) Cook, 1:26.02; 10) M. Allred, 1:36.37; 11) Rudd, 1:37.26.

400 freestyle relay: 2) Cody (M. Boysen, Bower, Rosenbaum, A. Boysen), 4:06.63; 9) Cody (Stinson, Farmer, Cook, Johnson), 5:06.80.

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