Paige Bower swims the breaststroke in a meet last month.

Before last Tuesday’s meet at Powell, Paige Bower knew what she was after. Her goal was to crack six minutes in the 500-yard freestyle.

Bower and coach Buffy Allred huddled to form a plan.

“She was so funny,” Allred said. They mapped out a pace, Bower stuck to it and when the distance was covered, she had her dream time of 5 minutes, 58.82 seconds.

“She should be really happy,” Allred said.

Bower was.

“My goal for that race was to do that,” said Bower, who has qualified in five events for the November state championships and is now merely trying to get faster in each of them. “I broke six!”

Of course, as it’s now a question of how low can you go, Bower isn’t content.

“Hopefully, I can get faster,” she said. “I do like that event.”

Powell won the dual meet, 122-63. Friday, the Fillies competed in a triple dual meet at Sheridan, falling to Buffalo, 102-72, and Sheridan, 105-73, in a meter pool. All other meets this season have been in yards pools.

“Sheridan was OK,” Bower said. “It’s a meter pool, so that was kind of awkward.”

These were the last two regular-season meets for the Fillies. Conference championships are Friday and Saturday at Rawlins. There is also an Oct. 31 Last Chance meet at Riverton for athletes who have not yet posted state-meet times for the Nov. 7-8 championships in Gillette.

Another very pleased athlete after the Powell meet was Brylee Allred, the coach’s daughter, who added a state qualifying time of 1:15.56 in the 100-yard butterfly.

Feeling ill, Brylee Allred shocked herself with a great swim. Somehow, whenever Cody visits Powell, Allred comes through with a major effort.

“The Powell pool is kind of magical for me,” she said. “I was super sick. Powell is my pool. I’m incredibly happy.”

Allred has qualified for state in three events, and as long as she is feeling healthy, she hopes she can also add the 50 freestyle to her list over the next couple of weeks. She is a stroke or two shy of breaking 28 seconds, the standard.

In addition to some relays, some other Fillies turned in notable performances in Powell. Marissa Rosenbaum swam a personal best 1:12.81 in the 100 backstroke, losing the race by .02 and missing out on qualifying by .31. Ally Boysen won the 200 individual medley in 2:32.75 and her sister Megan won the 50 free in 27.26. Ally has already qualified in all eight individual events and Megan has qualified in seven. Tayleigh Hopkin swam a 1:18.29 in the 100 breaststroke.

At Sheridan, Ally Boysen won the 50 meters in 28.38 and the 100 meters in 1:04.29. Megan won the 100-meter backstroke in 1:15:28. Mahayla Allred continued her last-minute quest to qualify in diving after only a handful of meets by placing third with 101.25 points.

The swimmers who have not yet qualified for the state championships have begun tapering their workouts to peak for the Rawlins regional. The already-qualified swimmers are still being pushed in tough workouts.

“You can’t give them enough credit,” Buffy Allred said. “They’re running off a lot of yards right now.”

Powell 122, Cody 63

200-yard medley relay: 1) Cody (Megan Boysen, Brylee Allred, Ally Boysen, Tayleigh Hopkin), 2 minutes, 6.39 seconds; 4) Cody (Marissa Rosenbaum, Mahayla Allred, Alexa Etter, Allie Ennist), 2:26.95.

200 freestyle: 4) Taylen Stinson, 2:34.23; 6) Kaelee VanNortrick, 2:37.51; 7) Emma Cook, 2:46.84.

200 individual medley: 1) A. Boysen, 2:32.75; 4) Paige Bower, 2:39.85.

50 freestyle: 1) M. Boysen, 27.26; 5) B. Allred, 28.37; 7) Etter, 31.57; 8) Ennist, 33.17.

1-meter diving: 5) M. Allred, 80.50.

100 butterfly: 3) B. Allred, 1:15.56; 4) Hopkin, 1:20.35; 6) M. Allred, 1:36.33; 7) Cook, 1:46.21.

100 freestyle: 2) Rosenbaum, 1:02.62; 7) Etter, 1:10.03; 4) Stinson, 1:10.35; 11) Cheyenne Farmer, 1:13.41.

500 freestyle: 3) Bower, 5:58.82; 4) M. Boysen, 6:26.13.

200 freestyle relay: 2) Cody (A. Boysen, Bower, Hopkin, M. Boysen), 1:53.80; 4) Cody (Stinson, Cook, M. Allred, Ennist), 2:17.62.

100 backstroke: 2) Rosenbaum, 1:12.81; 6) Farmer, 1:18.32; 7) VanNortrick, 1:18.60.

100 breaststroke: 2) Hopkin, 1:18.29; 3) A. Boysen, 1:22.26; 7) Ennist, 1:43.96.

400 freestyle relay: (B. Allred, VanNortrick, Bower, Rosenbaum), 4:27.09; 5) Cody (Etter, Stinson, Cook, Farmer), 5:04.70.

Sheridan Invite

Teams: Sheridan 105, Cody 73; Buffalo 102, Cody 72; Buffalo 98, Sheridan 82.

Cody Individuals

200-meter medley relay: 3) Cody (Bower, A. Boysen, M. Boysen, Rosenbaum), 2:25.68; 6) Cody (Farmer, Cook, Zelma Rudd, Ennist), 2:46.54.

200 freestyle: 3) Hopkin, 2:35.90; 5) B. Allred, 2:40.79; 6) Stinson, 2:46.81; 7) M. Allred, 2:50.38.

200 individual medley: 5) VanNortrick, 3:08.41.

50 freestyle: 1) A. Boysen, 28.38; 7) Rosenbaum, 31.70; 8) Bower, 31.98; 10) Farmer, 35.18; 11) Cook, 37.23.

1-meter diving: 3) M. Allred, 101.25.

100 butterfly: 2) M. Boysen, 1:16.87.

100 freestyle: 1) A. Boysen, 1:04.29; 5) Hopkin, 1:08.75; 7) Rosenbaum, 1:10.32; 12) VanNortrick, 1:15.36; 13) Farmer, 1:19.11.

400 freestyle: 6) Stinson, 6:02.60; 8) Ennist, 6:40.76.

200 freestyle relay: 3) Cody (B. Allred, Hopkin, Rosenbaum, A. Boysen), 2:08.08; 6) Cody (VanNortrick, M. Allred, Cook, Farmer), 2:26.36.

100 backstroke: 1) M. Boysen, 1:15.28; 3) Bower, 1:18.76; 10) Ennist, 1:42.63.

100 breaststroke: 3) B. Allred, 1:31.92; 4) Cook, 1:32.70; 8) Rudd, 1:50.56.

400 freestyle relay: 3) Cody (Bower, VanNortrick, Hopkin, M. Boysen), 4:55.82; 5) Cody (M. Allred, Ennist, Stinson, Rudd), 5:43.76.

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