Cody participants in the Wyoming 4-H Shoot were (from left) Kassi Hanson, Gabe Bree, Garrett Lennon, Oaklee Smith, Cori Gordon, Parker Hein, Dillon Romero, Trey Smith, Jace Nordeen and Tyler Wood. (Courtesy photo)

Numerous Cody youths were named state champions, leading to a team title at the Wyoming 4-H State shoot July 11-14 in Douglas.

The event included air rifle, .22 rifle, air pistol, .22 pistol, archery, shotgun and muzzleloading.

Members of the Cody Sharp Shooters competed in all shooting categories while enduring the 99-degree heat over the course of three days. They also competed in an Outdoor Skills Competition that tested their knowledge in distance, hunter safety and animal identification.

In all, there were more than 566 shooters from all over the state who tested their shooting skills.

One of the many highlights occurred Friday at the shotgun competition where kids shoot 100 rounds of trap; 50 single clay targets and 50 handicap clay targets. Cody shooter Cori Gordon set a goal to be the first girl to win the shotgun competition at the Wyoming 4-H State Shoot. In at least the last 10 years there had not been a female champion in any shotgun age division. After shooting 24 out of 25 targets in the first round of trap and a perfect 25 in the second round, Gordon achieved her goal by winning the title of 4-H State Champion Trap Singles in the intermediate division. She also became the high overall trap intermediate shooter by placing fourth in handicap trap and shooting a total of 93 out of 100 targets.

Junior Parker Hein also shot a perfect 25 in his second round of single trap and secured his position as a Junior State Trap Champion. Gordon, Hein and Gabe Bree were three Cody youths of the five member shotgun team whose scores earned Park County the 4-H State Champion Trap Team medals. After the perfect trap scores, all of the Park County sportsmen helped shoot their hats – a tradition in shotgun shooting.

Also on Friday, many of the youths shot .22 rifle and .22 pistol in the desert-like heat of the afternoon. In spite of the uncomfortable conditions Oaklee Smith, a new shooter with the club, brought home the Junior State Champion trophy for the sporter class .22 rifle while Hein obtained the State Champion Junior in the light target class .22. Gordon placed second in the .22 rifle for Intermediates, securing herself a Reserve Champion trophy as well as her score of 302 playing an important role in securing the team championship for Park County.

The next day dawned bright with the same degree of heat but the kids were able to shoot air pistol and air rifle in an air conditioned building that morning. Gordon earned the State Champion Air Rifle Intermediate Trophy and Smith the Reserve Champion Air Rifle Junior Trophy. The Park County Team Air Rifle Team, including Hein and Gordon, brought home medals for the championship yet again.

During the time between events, shooters had the opportunity to test their outdoor skills. There were 25 items varying from hides, pelts and furs to skulls, bones and antlers.

Each individual had to name those items and then take a written test. From there they expanded outside to check their ability in judging distance by determining yardages between plastic animals. Trey Smith earned a perfect score in distance judging but struggled with determining the small animals in the pelt portion of the test. Gordon won the Intermediates Outdoor Skills for the third year in a row.

The final stage of the day was the muzzleloading competition. Youths work together to reload lead balls into the antique-like gun barrels before capping and pulling the trigger to shoot a target called a Fer-du-lac, as well as a 50 and 100 yard gong. The Park County team, including Trey Smith and Gordon also earned the state championship medals with Gordon and Smith placing fifth and sixth accordingly.

The team was assisted by many volunteers that spend time coaching, preparing and working the events, the Wyoming Outdoorsmen, Cody Shooting Complex, Pheasants Forever of Cody, the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation and Albertsons.

Final results as follows (Only top 10 places) :

Gabe Bree – Second in Intermediate Team Muzzleloading, first in Junior Shotgun Team, fifth in Junior .22 Light Target Team.

Cori Gordon –First in Intermediate Singles Trap, fourth in Intermediate Handicap Trap, high overall Intermediate Trap, first in Intermediate Outdoor Skills, first in Intermediate Air Rifle Light Target, fourth in Intermediate .22 Pistol, fourth in Intermediate .22 Rifle, ninth in Intermediate Air Pistol, fifth in Muzzleloading, first in Junior Team Shotgun, first in Junior Team Muzzleloading, second in Junior Team Air Pistol, second in Junior Team .22 Pistol, first in .22 Junior Light Target Team.

Kassi Hanson – Fifth in Intermediate Team Muzzleloading, 10th in Intermediate Team Shotgun.

Garrett Lennon – 10th in Junior Team Shotgun.

Parker Hein – First in Junior Trap Singles, first in Junior Trap Handicap, high overall Junior Trap, seventh in Junior .22 Pistol, fifth in Junior .22 Light Target, eighth in Junior Air Pistol, first in Junior Team Shotgun, fifth in Junior .22 Light Target Team, second in Junior Air Pistol Team, first in Junior Air Rifle Light Target Team.

Adriel Pittman – sixth in Senior Shotgun Trap Team, sixth in Archery Team Class D.

Dillon Romero – Fifth in Senior Handicap Trap, sixth in Senior Shotgun Trap Team.

Oaklee Smith – 10th in Junior .22 Pistol, first in Junior .22 Rifle Sporter Class, third in Junior Air Pistol, second in Junior Air Rifle Sporter Class.

Trey Smith – 10th in Air Pistol, sixth in Intermediate Muzzleloader, 10th in Junior Shotgun Trap Team.

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