Most of us old guys (old being defined as over 60 years old) can remember when it wasn’t a big deal to mention firearms at school. Back when drawing a picture of a cowboy or soldier with a gun didn’t bring the SWAT team down on the home economics class, announcing their arrival with the insertion of a flash bang and hauling the guilty parties off. But those days have been ancient history for at least three decades and yes, even here in good old Cody.

Simply put, firearms or any reference to them are not allowed in the hallowed halls of learning in this country of the brave and the free anymore. It’s simply another form of cultural castration of the older society as a whole and the total immersion into the surrender politics of the new order.

A perfect example of this mindless adherence to liberal political and social engineering even occurred at the small elementary schoolhouse in Clark several years ago. Since the young man in question is in his 30s now, that would have been around 20 years ago. The 10-year-old (or so) youth in question was sent home and suspended from school because he had the effrontery to draw a picture of a soldier.

Old guys can remember when we carried rifles and shotguns into school, put them in our lockers or the principal’s office, and, after school, hunted on our way home. Or, given that we lived in town, fired up our 20-year-old bucket-of-bolts we called a car and joined several other like-minded youngsters after school for a rabbit, pheasant, squirrel, whatever was in season, hunt. Teachers, school bus drivers, school principals, janitors and even parents approved. It simply wasn’t a big deal until petty-minded, extremist politicians made it one.

In elementary school most of the guys (we were the ones wearing long pants back then) spent our recess playing stretch and other games with the pocket knives we carried all the time. Stretch was played by two boys, or more, facing each other. The object was to throw and stick your pocket knife in the ground at a point where the other player would have to stretch his foot to reach it. Then it was his turn while he kept his foot where your knife had landed. The knife had to stick in the ground or it didn’t count.

Eventually, somebody would stick his knife far enough away that the other guy couldn’t reach it with his foot. He lost, you won. It was that harmless and that simple.

Yes, ma’am, there were the occasional foot piercings, but very little blood was lost and we didn’t know we were supposed to be traumatized forever because of it. Now you can’t even carry a pen knife to sharpen a pencil or clean the muck out from under your fingernails before lunch. Yeah, I know, students using computers don’t need sharpened pencils.

I’m bringing this up because I recently read where new legislation filed with the state’s Legislature Service Office some time back could insert some degree of intelligence into the matter by making firearms and hunting safety courses a voluntary part of the curriculum in Wyoming schools. The resolution urges our Game and Fish Department to work with the Wyoming Department of Education and develop the courses as voluntary electives in public high schools.

Personally, I think it’s about time some civility and sanity were restored to the educational process. This era of zero tolerance in schools regarding firearms is, in my humble opinion, bunk. However it fits in completely with the creeping elimination of constitutional rights being impressed upon our modern society by extremist liberals.

What with the prevalence of firearms imbued throughout our culture at all social levels, firearms safety and proficiency should be as mandatory as learning how to drive a vehicle. Cody, thank God, was one of the first school districts in Wyoming to allow properly trained adults, teachers in the main, to carry concealed firearms into the classrooms in the event, however unlikely it may seem to some, that some mental degenerates might force their way inside a classroom and destroy several bright young futures.

Gun-free zone regulations basically gave the green light to those warped people in our society who want to inflict maximum carnage on innocent school kids and get their name listed in history’s book, at no danger to themselves.

I understand we can’t turn the clocks back and re-enter the wonderful world of the 1950s. But for some of us, tired of all those extremist social engineers, it would be nice to give our youth the tools and knowledge to actually live their lives, even if they end up having to fight for that right, instead of simply enduring the shackles of creeping socialism until the ultimate tragedy occurs.

Oh, and that young boy the teachers in Clark suspended for drawing a picture of a firearm all those years ago?

He went on to join the Marine Corps after graduation from high school, became a member of their special ops branch, MARSOC, spent several years protecting our country by serving in very dangerous places and returned to civilian life as a productive, Christian citizen who is a credit to his parents and the community. Probably much to the dismay to those “Progressive” politicians and their followers.

That’s “us,” as in “U.S.,” as in United States of America, in case you missed it.

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