Heading into the state tournament in Worland last week, the Filly golf team had two main goals – to earn All-State and, more importantly, to capture the state title.

They accomplished both Saturday to cap off a great season. Cody finished with a score of 553, 25 strokes ahead of second-place Powell (578). Buffalo finished third with a 587.

“I screamed and jumped for joy,” senior Rylee Marron said. “We were so excited and wanted it so bad. We knew we could do it, so it felt great to accomplish it.”

All three Fillies also earned All-State honors by finishing in the top 10.

Sophomore Sydney Gunn took second overall to lead the team with a 87-89 – 176, Junior Kelsey Cross tied for sixth with a 94-93 – 187 and Marron tied for ninth with a 95-95 – 190

Sarah Schroefel of Worland won the meet, shooting 81-87 – 168.

The three highest scores are tallied toward a team’s score, but four girls are allowed to compete.

“It takes a lot of skill, especially since we didn’t have a backup player,” Gunn said. “For all of us to make All-State and not mess up is a big accomplishment.”

“Coach Chad and Beau (White) definitely had a big impact,” Marron said. “They made sure we played our game and were there for us. They’re the best.”

The title is Cody’s third overall and second in three years.

“In the first two titles we had girls shoot over 100 and they still won,” coach Chad Smith said. “This time everyone was under 95. They had to play extremely well to bring it home. The talent pool is just so much deeper these days.”

While Cody had a good shot at the title, nothing was assured going into the meet, as Powell had defeated the Fillies at the conference meet by 20 strokes.

“Losing conference gave us what we needed to come to state and win the championship,” Marron said.

Cody shot a 276 the first day, leading the Lady Panthers by five strokes and Worland by just six. Heading into day two, the Fillies were feeling the pressure, but didn’t let it phase them.

“We all wanted to play our best and tried not to worry about what Powell was doing,” Gunn said. “We just focused on ourselves and tried to beat everyone in our group.”

They took care of business the second day and finished with a 277, while Powell’s overall score dropped significantly to a 297.

“They held it together,” Smith said. “Each girl had three or four tough holes on the back nine, but they hung in there and kept fighting. They took things one hole at a time and great things happened.”

Marron came in first Saturday and waited anxiously for the other two. Cross came in next and Gunn was part of the last group to finish.

“It was nerve-racking having to wait,” Marron said. “I would run to the girls when they came in to see how they did.”

“Rylee and I were scared to see what Sydney shot, but then we did the math and were super excited,” Cross said.

Marron and Cross were also part of the 2010 team and say this title feels different from the last one.

“I’m glad we all three made All-State and shot about the same score both days,” Cross said. “We didn’t win conference this time, but we won the one that matters most.”

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