The American Legion baseball league was first proposed in 1925 at an American Legion state convention in Milbank, S.D.

The first program in the world to provide a national baseball tournament for teenagers, American Legion Baseball was born.

In 1926, posts in 15 states organized and sponsored teams, drafted local schedules and conducted championship tourneys. Postseason tournaments at the state, sectional and regional levels culminated with a national championship.

Today, the program registers teams in all 50 states plus Canada.

The NWCART was born out of the need for class “A” and junior American Legion teams to have an opportunity to continue on playing after their regular season finished.

The state chairmen from Washington, Oregon and Idaho at the annual baseball conference in Indianapolis discussed putting together a program where individual Class “A” and junior state champions could get together and have a round robin play-off. In 1984 an invitation was extended to Montana to join this tournament.

At that time Montana, Oregon and Washington sent its first and second place teams to the tournament. Idaho, because of its few number of Class A programs, only sent its first place team. Then the state that was hosting the tournament got to include the host team.

In 1991 at the annual baseball fall meeting the state of Wyoming was asked to join in the tournament and played in its first tournament in 1992 in Pendleton, Ore.

In 1994 North Dakota joined the program and played for three years and in 1996 South Dakota also played in the tournament. Both state programs have since stopped playing in the tournament.

At the 1998 annual baseball fall meetings the state of Alaska was invited into the tournament and at the 2003 American Legion fall conference the state of Utah requested permission to send a representative.

Washington dropped out in 2011 and the eight-team NWCART now consists of six state champions, the host team and a rotating runner-up state team. The host site rotates each year between the states.

Overall NWCART


• Washington 11

• Montana/Alberta 9

• Oregon 8

• Idaho 3

• Utah 2

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