Bubba Boots steer wrestles during the July 1 Cody Stampede Rodeo.

Announcer Boyd Polhamus informed the crowd at Stampede Park what other rodeo fans in Cody already knew if they paid attention to Northwest College’s team and Cody Nite Rodeo.

Bubba Boots, only recently a Trapper, but making his debut in the big show, the Cody Stampede Rodeo, “has the best name in rodeo.”

Bubba Boots. Nobody argues.

Boots was a member of the Northwest team through the fall of 2018, a do-it-all competitor these last few years, and made occasional Cody Nite appearances.

In January, he struck out on the pro circuit full time, and on his first try he drew a slot in the Stampede night performance July 1.

A multi-event cowboy for NWC, Boots has his eye on steer wrestling for now, a common practice of turning to specialization after running up points for a college team.

“I kind of narrowed it down,” Boots said. “It’s best to focus on one event and try to perfect it.”

Boots made a good tackle of his steer coming out of the chute and clocked 5.2 seconds. However, a 10-second penalty added moved him far from the money picture.

Boots’ execution on the take-down was excellent, though, and former coach, Del Nose, an ex-steer wrestler himself when he was a competitor, was a witness.

“That was one heck of a run,” Nose said after he provided Boots some encouragement. “It was amazing. I was proud of him.”

Boots appreciated Nose’s words because he was unhappy about the penalty.

It’s a new life, spending so much time on the road solo rodeo-hopping instead of attending class and competing with a team five weekends per semester.

Boots was excited he was accepted into the Stampede to steer wrestle before a big, night crowd, instead of in slack.

“It was cool to be in the arena I was in college in,” Boots said.

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