Women are becoming much more of a presence in the outdoors.

Nowhere is this presence more prevalent than the sport of fly fishing, where women’s participation has burgeoned in the past decade. Women are not only demanding their own lines of clothing for fly fishing, but major wader lines such as Simms, Orvis and Patagonia have listened to the women and created breathable waders in sizes to fit a wide range of body shapes. These allow women all day comfort as well as having waders that are not designed to fit men, which was the case previous to 2015. Wading boots, fishing vests and other apparel lines have also followed this trend in recent years.

Women are also now fly guides and fly fishing outfitters throughout the USA. They are also present in outdoor film productions. I was part of Trout TV for three years and spent much time with Hillary Hutchinson, who was the ‘star’ of the television production filming on fishing locations in Cody and other locations in the Rockies and Northwestern United States.

Since the show was aired in the states of California, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming and aired on Billings TV stations while the show was ongoing, I am sure some of you readers watched Trout TV and tuned in just because Hillary was not only attractive and well spoken, but also because she was a great woman fly fisher who seemed to catch big trout frequently.

Due to the influx of women in fly fishing, a film tour is now hitting fly fishing communities throughout the US, Europe and other fly fishing destinations. The film is called “50/50 On the Water” film tour and is mostly women centric. In other words, the film features lots of famous and everyday women fly fishing in fresh and salt water with clients, family and friends. Their talents are showcased as these ladies cast fly rods, row river dories and whitewater rafts, all the while putting some awesome fish – trout, bonefish, tarpon, salmon and steelhead for instance – in the net.

I have viewed the trailers on this video and most recently showed it at the East Yellowstone Trout Unlimited Chapter, located in Cody this past Tuesday evening. The chapter is sponsoring the film tour in hopes the public turns out in good numbers while in the town of Cody. The film is one and a half hours in length and will be showing at the Big Horn Cinemas on Feb. 11.

While the film is designed to encourage women in Cody and the surrounding Big Horn Basin, the movie has different film clips that will keep families and male fly fishers on the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

The film “50/50 On the Water” is sponsored by Orvis and Trout Unlimited primarily, while funded by other companies involved in fly fishing, including Casting for Recovery, an organization that uses fly fishing and fly tying to give spiritual, physical and mental healing and support to women recovering from breast cancer.

The movie is also a fundraiser for the East Yellowstone TU chapter to fund fish projects such as the eradication on nonnative lake trout in Yellowstone Lake and various other projects that enhance cold water trout fisheries in the northwest corner of Wyoming.

There will be two showings of the film tour, February 11, before moving on to another location. Tickets are $10 per person. The first showing begins at 4:40 p.m and the final showing will be held at 7 p.m. The tickets can be purchased online at 5050onthewater.orvis.com The hope is tickets are pre-sold and sold out for the 174 seats for both showings in the theater room Big Horn Cinemas has generously donated to Trout Unlimited for the showing. If you forget to purchase a ticket online, there will be some tickets available at the door for last minute attendees.

Now, if the movie is not attraction enough, there will also be many fly fishing items that will be raffled off at the end of each showing. There will be women-specific items such as two fly fishing sling packs by Fishy Wear, as well as awesome fly rods, clothing, hats and other items too numerous to mention.

I urge you to support the local Trout Unlimited chapter by attending the “50/50 On the Water” film tour and also by purchasing some raffle tickets while there.

I look forward to seeing at least 300 people Feb. 11 and thank you in advance for your support.

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