Under any definition of the word as applied to sports, the Meeteetse volleyball team is rolling.

“We are,” said senior Amanda Cooley.

The Lady Longhorns are now 8-0 after adding two more victories to their previous hot start.

Meeteetse topped Rocky Mountain 25-23, 25-16, 25-9 and Burlington 19-25, 25-20, 25-17, 25-13 last week, continuing to fend off all challengers.

Remaining undefeated two weeks into the season is a pleasant state of being.

“It’s exceptionally fun so far,” Cooley said. “It’s definitely helped to give us the push to keep working. It gives us the push to keep winning.”

The Longhorns finished 24-9 last year and want to improve on that mark. All indications are that they are playing at a consistently higher level.

“I was pleased that the girls kept their winning streak alive,” Coach Kelsey Scolari said. “But we do have some room for improvement.”

Senior Bryce Salzman said the Longhorns are playing so well there is a danger of complacency that must be avoided.

“I think we just have to remind ourselves not to be overconfident and start underestimating people,” she said. “I almost don’t want to get in the mindset (of how good they can be).”

Thus far, the Longhorns have been able to repel comebacks and not let games slip away when opponents close leads.

“We have to have that killer instinct,” Salzman said.

With a coach’s critical eye, Scolari sees the good and the bad within games, not just the final scores.

“Our blocking is coming along nicely, but we need to improve on capitalizing on our possessions,” she said. “We have a tendency to give a lot of points away by hitting it out of bounds.”

The Longhorns continue play in their own Meeteetse Invitational Friday and Saturday.

“These girls are fun to watch,” Scolari said. “They play together and are great teammates.”

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