Jack Greer (right) prepares to jump off his horse during steer wrestling May 4 while Dusty Moore hazes at the Cody Nite Rodeo.

Jack, Gage and Kade Greer used to wrestle in the family living room and bust up the furniture.

Now they steer wrestle in public and their parents aren’t as bothered about them trying to tackle steers as when they were younger and wrecked stuff with their fraternal exuberance.

“Now we’re breaking bones,” Gage said.

For the first time in 11 years, Cody Nite Rodeo featured steer wrestling on a program last Tuesday. The entire field consisted of the Greer brothers, with dad Randy, their inspiration, watching.

“I think it will be really great,” said Jack Greer, at 27 the oldest of the three siblings in their 20s.

For now, this is a Tuesday-Wednesday experiment this season. In his 15th season operating the rodeo, stock contractor Maury Tate is the one who eliminated steer wrestling more than a decade ago in favor of women’s breakaway roping because there was not enough interest.

“We’ll see,” Tate said of this revival.

To keep it going, a higher turnout of steer wrestlers must compete, not only the Greers.

The return of steer wrestling was Jack Greer’s brainstorm. An engineer in Cody, Jack talked to Larry Allshouse of the Stampede Board of Directors, the supervisory authority of Cody Nite Rodeo. Allshouse met with Tate.

“We like wrestling,” said Kade, 22. “In my opinion, what’s a rodeo without steer wrestling?”

Steer wrestling is part of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association-sanctioned rodeo circuit.

On the first day of steer wrestling’s Cody Nite Rodeo return, Gage made a smooth takedown of his steer and would have had a nice time of 5.9 seconds. Except he rode out too soon, breaking the barrier, and received a 10-second penalty. It looked good, though.

Jack incurred a penalty, too. Initially, Jack’s time was posted at 14.6, but he ended up at 29.6. Kade’s steer got away.

Gage and Kade live in Gillette and are recent University of Wyoming graduates. They plan to rodeo elsewhere on weekends and they think the midweek Cody Nite schedule is perfect for them and other cowboys to participate.

The original plan was for father Randy, 60, to haze for each of the Greers, but that didn’t work out.

“My paint came out limping,” Randy Greer said.

So he yielded to Dusty Moore, the veteran Cody Nite presence who ropes and works as a pick-up man.

The Greers only learned four days ahead of time the Tuesday event was on.

Jack Greer said word did not get out to other steer wrestlers and the Greers will now work at letting other competitors know steer wrestling is back in Cody.

“I think it will build up,” Jack said. “There will be more coming.”

There is actually a fourth Greer brother. Instead of steer wrestling, Hunter is attending medical school in Denver.

Once Hunter becomes a full-fledged doctor, his brothers are counting on him becoming a sponsor and patching them up for free, so they won’t need health insurance.

In the meantime, the Greers got themselves in the front door at Cody Nite Rodeo and they feel it is their responsibility to round up other cowboys to enter.

“Nothing wrong with having the best event,” Kade Greer said.

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