For Cody High School sophomores Drew Trotter and Chaz Cowie, Friday night’s scrimmage against Big Horn High School was the first taste of varsity football competition.

“It gave me a little more confidence,” said Trotter, who plays left wingback and took a good amount of reps with the starters. “It’s knowing if I run my stuff, run what I’m coached to do, I’ll be fine.

The Broncs hosted the strong 2A team Friday at Spike Vannoy Field in a scrimmage that finished with no score but more than two hours of film, an important aspect for coach Matt McFadden.

That included a chance to look at a possible weakness – pass defense – and build up strengths.

“I was really pleased,” he said. “We had some young running backs take some big reps. They did a tremendous job.”

That included Trotter, Cowie and a couple other up and comers, but McFadden was pleased with the offense overall, including returning running back Nic Talich, who found the end zone numerous times, as well as second-year starting quarterback Hunter Hays and wide receiver Tristan Blatt, who hooked up for at least a couple of scores on long pass plays.

The experienced players who guarded the quarterback and opened up running lanes also received a nod from the coach.

“I was really happy with the offensive line,” McFadden said.

Center Jeff Williams, who also plays defensive line, was likewise pleased with the group’s performance. They’re on the other end of the spectrum from the sophomore wings, as the senior lineman have plenty of experience together under the Friday lights.

“We’ve played together since seventh grade,” he said. “It’s been incredible. We love each other, we’re like brothers.”

Williams said the whole team meshed well, from sophomores to seniors.

And now those younger players are a little more ready to do what the seniors are old hats at.

“When you do something like this, it definitely gets you mentally prepared,” Cowie said. “It gets you ready for the season.”

The regular season starts Friday at Riverton.

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