Presently, after the horrendous slaughters in Ohio and Texas, even Trump is jumping on the bandwagon of gun control.

What is it these people don’t understand? Mass murder, or any murder, is already illegal and the psychological aberrants that perpetrated these tragedies paid no attention to that minor problem.

So the extreme left political segment of the Democrats is winning in its bid to disarm Americans. You’re just fooling yourself if you think the gun grab is about preventing mass shootings.

Its architecture is outlined in Adolph Hitler’s Nazi dream and his Third Reich ramblings on how to seize control of a country.

It’s all about people control and not gun control per se. As far as magazine capacity, that’s a fool’s idea of gun control and, while a nice sound bite for politicians, impractical when it comes to disarming the malevolent.

My outfit in Nam was one of the first, if not the first, to be issued the Mattel toy rifles, (also known as M-16s and presently as ARs) back during that dustup in Southeast Asia. We were also issued 20-round magazines for those rifles.

It was standard practice in our outfit, a forward support unit, to tape three magazines together with friction, duct or electrical tape, two facing down and one up. Ingenuity isn’t limited to just the college crowd.

Regardless, whatever laws are passed will only impact the law-abiding. Those murdering deviants that make the headlines certainly aren’t law abiding and won’t be – ever. What most “Feel Good” Americans fail to understand is the self-proclaimed “Democratic Progressives” are true communists.

Worldwide domination is their goal and even if they have to resort to mind control and dedicated moles to accomplish it. No, these aren’t the deluded ravings of a conspiratorial mind, although, granted, those situations exist.

I fought alongside my brothers of several races, military services and other countries for the way of life and the remaining freedoms we enjoy and I know firsthand the cost of being lax, trusting and stupid.

As do several million other combat veterans.

Do I think the AR (Armalite Rifles), series of rifles, make even decent hunting tools? No I don’t, but the Second Amendment is in place to protect the First Amendment and the rest, and to protect us from our own government. As in (all threats, domestic and foreign).

As far as I’m concerned, despite their popularity, ARs – modern sporting rifles – are a poor tool for filling big game tags unless you happen to be hunting in the desert southwest.

Why there? Simply because the last time Sandi and I were hunting there, we were cautioned by locals to be extremely wary of small bands of folks while out and about.

Apparently these folks had, even back then and most assuredly at the present, absolutely no reservations about dropping folks into hastily dug shallow graves and stealing whatever material goods they had on hand to enhance their own lifestyle.

So the added firepower of an accurized AR-10 or AR-15 or whatever would be the best deterrent a smaller party of hunters could have available in case the effluent hit the fan.

Back to my one gun question, as it pertains to rifles, even though I don’t have one or even like them, my one rifle choice would be an AR-10 in .308 caliber. I’d have it scoped and with multiple 30 round magazines.

Take away our access to semi-automatic weapons, firearms that have been available since the late 1800s, and you are reducing our chances of survival from the bad guys to zero.

Let’s not even get into the legality or purpose of “Red Flag” laws as being proposed presently.

In every form I’ve heard them proposed recently, they’re blatantly unconstitutional, if that matters anymore.

Unless the powers that be can come up with a fail safe regulation that protects the rights of the law-abiding, gun-owning American, then this utopian concept is just more political weaponry for citizen domination.

Just saying.

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The current democrat proposal is universal background checks, we currently have this on all new sales EVEN IN GUN SHOWS, but the want to make it the same between individual. This is the tricky part ,it is impossible to monitor because no one knows what or who has what, so the next solution that is logical is registration, then guess what the next natural step is the knock on the door and confiscation. Then a natural occurrence to the red flag law is some ole boy having lets say 15-30 fire arms makes one a natural danger, just ask anyone in the blue state government. Just think about the natural progression and make your choice sit and watch it happen or get involved and stop it.

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