Hayley Pearson-Horner skis in Casper during the weekend. (Courtesy photo)

In its second trip to Casper this season, the Cody Nordic team was much improved over the first outing there.

“They skied so well and fast,” coach Meggin Becker said. “One minute I was cheering them on at the start and the next thing I knew they were all back in.”

Friday’s race was a skate 1.5k (.9 mile) sprint race.

“Conditions were ideal – fast and fun,” Becker said. “They went out, attacked the course and owned it.”

Marshall Brookins finished 31st in 3:43.8.

“He just missed advancing to the heats by a lunge at the finish line,” Becker said.

Hayden Campbell finished in 3:58.1, Jackson Barbiere 4:57.7, Luis Mata 4:57.8 and Andrew Sauers 4:58.3.

“I felt quite good about the race,” Campbell said. “I enjoyed the skate race because it was faster.”

In the girls race, Hayley Pearson-Horner finished in 4:37.6 and Sabrina Stowell 5:14.8.

On Saturday, Cody skied a 6K classic course.

“It was a tough course with long uphill climbs, brief periods of flat and a really fast screaming downhill,” Becker said. “The course was much more challenging on the athletes stamina with the long climbs, but even so they accomplished personal bests.”

Brookins went out of the start gate at 73rd and finished 16th overall out of 90 in 17:20.

Campbell finished 44th in 20:05, Mata 66th in 24:55, Sauers 67th in 25:23 and Barbiere 72nd in 27:28.

Out of 96 girls, Pearson-Horner was 60th in 24:30 and Stowell did not finish due to a binding failure in the first couple of kilometers.

“I think my team nailed it and had a great weekend,” Campbell said.

Cody’s next races will be Feb. 14-15 in Soldier Hollow, Utah.

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