Hayden Campbell skis Saturday in Jackson. (Courtesy photo)

For the first time this season the Cody Nordic ski team raced back-to-back weekends, competing in Jackson after last week’s invitational in Pinedale.

“I like having some races on back-to-back weekends,” coach Meggin Becker said. “I feel it helps keep us focused on what we have set out to do. They improved leaps and bounds from last week, shaving not just seconds but minutes from their times.”

On Friday the team participated in the sprint classic. 

None of the Cody skiers times advanced into the quarterfinal heats (top 30 finishers).

“We had a rough go of it on Friday in the classic sprints,” Becker said. “Blistering winds caused tracks to fill in with deep snow drifts on the course. Falling snow with high humidity creating challenging conditions for waxing,  however, they toed the line and went out there, raced and did not give in.”

Skier Beau Baxter said Friday’s races were fun for the team.

“One of the problems we faced during the sprints was that a couple of our racers missed their time slot so they were given around a three minute penalty on their times, but if that penalty wasn’t added they would have done great,” he said.

On Saturday in the 10K skate race, Marshall Brookins finished in 33.17, Hayden Campbell 38:35 and Baxter 39:18. 

“I feel my performance on Saturday was good,” Baxter said. “I beat some personal goals so I’m pretty content on my race.

“The Jackson course was fun. The first half was pretty easy until I got to the second half, which was mainly uphill. The second half was out in the open where everyone could see you so it was very challenging.”

Sabrina Stowell competed in the girls race and finished in 52.29.

“They did much better than Friday,” Becker said. “Every one of them brushed off the set backs from the day before, went out focused on accomplishing goals and all turned into personal best times. I’m very proud of what they accomplished.”

In the 5K race Luis Mata finished in 23:41 and Andrew Sauers, 24:53. Hayley Pearson-Horner went 23:08 in the girls race.

“Saturday’s course you can see the finish line for about 1.2 miles as it snakes through the opening,” Becker said. “It was great for spectating. You could pretty much watch both races unfold from one spot.”

Cody is off until Jan. 30 when the team travels to Casper.

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