Brittan Bower passes the ball on Saturday.

From the opening whistle, the Cody volleyball team was never really in its match Tuesday at Riverton.

The Fillies lost the conference matchup 3-0 and are now 12-2 overall and 0-1 in conference.

“We started slow,” coach Stephanie Birch said. “We never got in sync and we didn’t compete like we usually do. We struggled all night in all areas.”

Junior Grace Shaffer agreed it wasn’t their best outing.

“We all feel pretty bummed about how we played,” she said. “We all know that we can play better. We had a choice to show up and play like us but we didn’t. But every team has a bad game, and this was ours.”

Cody lost the first two sets by the identical score of 25-13.

“I think we were all in our heads too much,” Shaffer said. “We were too focused on just one thing instead of playing present, and that’s what killed us. We were playing frantic and almost scared, when we should have been playing calm and collected.”

In the third the Fillies lost 25-19.

“The third game we did better at limiting their runs of points, but still struggled to find a rhythm,” Birch said.

The loss was the team’s first in non-tournament play.

“We’ve been pretty good so far this season so we will learn from this game and move on,” Birch said. “This week we’ll be building those relationships with not having Emily (Larsen) and working on the basics.”

Larsen injured her knee on Saturday against Green River and it is unknown if she’ll return this season. With her out sophomore Autumn Wilson has stepped in.

“It’s only the second game without Emily, so I think we’re adjusting fine,” Shaffer said. “Autumn is a great player. For her to step up and take this role in this type of situation is so big for her, and shows the type of person she is on the court.”

Cody travels to take on Jackson and Star Valley this weekend.

“We’re definitely going to use this as fuel for our future games because we definitely don’t want to play like that ever again,” Shaffer said. “We’re going to use it as a learning opportunity instead of cowering.”

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