A lack of snow early in the season didn’t affect the Cody Alpine ski team last weekend in Laramie.

Both the girls and boys opened their season by finishing second at the Laramie Invite. Jackson finished first in both groups. Natrona finished third for both boys and girls.

“As usual, it takes the whole team skiing consistently to rack up the points needed to compete – and the Broncs and Fillies did this, especially on Friday, where we finished first with the boys and a strong second with the girls,” coach Rick Stonehouse said. “We gave up a bit on Saturday with the boys, but at least we know what needs to be done. As the team totals indicate, it’ll be a dogfight this year among the boys teams to see who comes out on top.”

The meet was originally scheduled to be held in Casper, but had to be moved due to a lack of snow.

Clay Creel was the top Bronc finisher on Friday, taking second (1:37.22). Will Lohman finished third (1:38.44), Brennan Klukas ninth (1:50.72) and Kevin Page 11th (1:52.62).

Brittany Wagler led the varsity girls, taking seventh (1:47.69). Madison Koster finished eighth (1:47.94), Sami Heimer ninth (1:54.39), Sara Reed 10th (1:55.43) and Rylee Marron 17th (2:12.19).

In JV girls, Alta Clark took first (1:53.63), Tess Stonehouse sixth (2:15.85), Sophie Warner seventh (2:18.54) and Meagan Koster eighth (2:21.41).

For the JV boys, Spencer Hannam took fourth (1:57.80), Trey Montgomery sixth (2:06.61) and Chuck Baldwin eighth (2:27.44).

Other CHS skiers who competed were Sam Scot (2:19.90) and Darby Hertel (2:26.10).

On Saturday, Wagler again paced the girls and finished fifth (1:46.80). Madison Koster took sixth (1:47.33), Heimer 10th (1:52.64), Marron 11th (1:54.71) and Reed 21st (2:27.47).

Lohman led the varsity boys in sixth place (1:35.38). Creel took seventh (1:35.74), Brennan Klukas 12th (1:49.08) and Derrick Scott 14th (1:51.08).

“Highlights include lot of consistency and several top finishes both days,” Stonehouse said. “This is no easy task, especially in a strong field of racers. Clay Creel, Will Lohman and Brittany Wagler all made it into the top five, which is competitive and impressive. Right behind them were Madison Koster, Sami Heimer, Sara Reed, and Brennan Klukas, who all made it into the top 10.”

Meagan Koster finished third (2:07.89) to lead the JV girls, Stonehouse took sixth (2:16.53), Mateja Klukas seventh (2:21.91) and Warner 10th (2:32.68).

For JV boys, Montgomery finished fourth (1:58.41), Cade Bragonier fifth (1:58.74), Wyatt Kincheloe eighth (2:03.10), Daniel Miller ninth (2:04.44) and Hannam 11th (2:09.11).

Other skiers included Scott (2:20.46) and Hertel (2:23.53).

“Our JV skiers and younger kids also stepped up nicely, with many of them also picking up some nice hardware, including Alta Clark, Meagan Koster, Spencer Hannam, Trey Montgomery and Cade Bragonier,” Stonehouse said.

The team hosts the Cody Invite on Friday-Saturday, Jan. 11-12, in Red Lodge.

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