Small acts of kindness can mean a lot. Recently, a call from a stranger gave one local woman the chance to brighten the last weeks of a hospice patient.

Wendy Dall lives in Riverside, Calif. May was a tough month for her. Her mother, Elaine Rentz, a lifelong Cody resident, passed away on May 7. Amid the running back and forth following that passing, she was unable to be in Cody for her dad Roy “Scooter” Rentz’s 71st birthday on May 28.

Rentz was living in Spirit Mountain Hospice. To brighten his day, Dall had an idea.

“That man loved his Dairy Queen,” she said. “I called (the) Cody location to see if they could bring him an Oreo Blizzard for his birthday.”

When the phone rang at DQ, assistant manager Joni Corbin answered it. When she heard the idea, she agreed to do it without hesitation.

“I didn’t have work until 11 o’clock the next day, so I figured I would just go in early and do it,” Corbin said.

The next day, she picked up the blizzard and, as an added gesture, stopped to pick up a happy birthday balloon. 

Rentz was isolated due to pink eye, so she was unable to deliver the blizzard in person. The nurses described how his face lit up. With her errand run, Corbin went to work.

“It was just a little thing,” she said.

To Rentz’s family, however, it wasn’t a small act. He died on June 10.

“He got to have ice cream for breakfast on his birthday,” Dall said. “If I would call the Dairy Queen here and ask for that, they would laugh at me. But she got a call from a stranger and was all about doing it.”

Dall got back in contact with Corbin after her dad’s passing to thank her once again for what she did. Corbin maintains she didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

“I’ve worked in restaurants my whole life, so I love helping people,” she said. “Still, anyone would have done the same thing. I just happened to answer the phone.”

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