Brooklyn Ondler, 8, marches with the “future Broncs” down Sheridan Avenue during the homecoming parade Friday afternoon.

Cody’s homecoming week wrapped up Friday with an assembly, parade and football game.

But it also included themed days throughout the week and chances for awards.

Parade float winners

Best Use of Theme ($75):Junior class

Principal’s Choice ($75): CMS band

Advisor’s Choice ($50): Drama Club

Originality ($50): Cody elementary schools

Judge’s Favorite ($50):CHS swim team

Humor Award ($50): Senior class

Alumni Favorite ($50): CHS band

School Spirit Award ($100): CHS volleyball


Theme day awards

Monday winners for Dad Day:

Fifth place: Sophomores with 22 percent

Fourth: Juniors with 29 percent

Third: Freshmen with 33 percent

Second: Staff with 37 percent

First: Seniors with 39 percent

Tuesday winners for Tourist Day:

Fifth: Sophomores with 35 percent

Fourth: Sophomores with 36 percent

Third: Freshmen with 37 percent

Second: Staff with 45 percent

First: Seniors with 53 percent

Wednesday winners for Patriotic Day:

Fifth: Seniors with 42 percent

Fourth: Juniors with 49 percent

Third: Sophomores with 58 percent

Second: Freshmen with 66 percent

First: Staff with 72 percent

Thursday winners for Decades Day

Fifth: Freshmen with 29 percent

Fourth: Sophomores with 30 percent

Third: Juniors with 35 percent

Second: Staff with 44 percent

First: Seniors with 45 percent

Friday winners for Blue and Gold day

Fifth: Juniors with 50 percent

Fourth: Sophomores with 64 percent

Third: Seniors with 74 percent

Second: Freshmen with 80 percent

First: Staff with 81 percent

Winners for Banners

Fourth: Juniors

Third: Freshmen

Second: Seniors

First: Sophomores

Winners for downtown windows

Sixth: Cheerleaders

Fifth: Swim team

Fourth: Juniors

Third: Sophomores

Second: Seniors

First: Freshmen

Winners for skits

Fourth: Juniors

Third: Freshmen

Second: Seniors

First: Sophomores

Overall spirit points winners were the seniors.

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