Norma Jean and Hal Ramich were recently honored for their longtime patronage and support of Burger King.

Hal and Norma Jean Ramich were honored by Burger King last month for supporting the business.

Family, friends and BK staffers presented Hal and Norma Jean with a commemorative plaque and a meal “fit for a king.” It was a token of thanks for 25 years of regular visits to the restaurant at 1902 Mountain View Drive.

Manager Tommy Sparks says “bad days happen” at BK, but Hal and Norma Jean have a mood-changing presence.

“We’re always excited to serve them,” he adds. “They’ve become part of the family during the last 25 years.”

Hal moved to Cody from South Dakota in 1955, he said, and his wife arrived the same year from Kansas.

Hal worked for Marathon Oil for 34 years and retired in 1986.

Food consistency is the key for the couple, he said, and every employee knows their favorite items.

“Hal and Norma Jean order a Whopper with light mayonnaise and extra onions, a medium order of French fries and two side salads with ranch dressing,” Sparks said.

Hal said the people and food keeps them coming back.

“I love the Whopper and my favorite beverage is Diet Coke,” he said. “Everyone yells out ‘Hal’s here’ when we walk in and they prepare our order without us even asking.”

The couple has made many friends at BK during the last 25 years, and everyone enjoys catching up.

“People come and go,” he said. “But my wife and I come over for lunch every day and enjoy being here.”

(Chris Frost can be reached at chris@codyenterprise.com.)

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I am acquainted with Hal and Norma Jean, nice people. But I worry about their health after eating all those Whoppers. I like Whoppers too but I have to watch my diet for fear of clogged arteries, fear of a stroke, fear of a heart attack. Makes me wonder about their cholesterol numbers. While they are eating Whoppers, I am eating fish and taking cod liver oil and flax seed oil.

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