Due to the public closure of multiple businesses and cancelation of several events in the past week, some adults are struggling to keep busy. To make matters more difficult, the closure of school means their children are struggling to keep busy as well.

The last day of school for all Cody students was March 16, leaving many children at home with their parents. However, that technically only means physical attendance, as Cody Schools, like many other schools across the country, are trying to coordinate a way to continue children’s education through virtual teaching. 

Assistant superintendent Tim Foley said in a Facebook update that area schools are currently looking at starting virtual teaching within the next week and looking at options to support the students who don’t have access to Wi-Fi at home.

Those students are now working on a combination of online and printed materials after the schools handed out packets to parents Friday and Monday.

Even with more guidance, children are still going to have to cope with staying at home. The question is how they can stay active. 

One answer: Get them moving.

There are plenty of people in Cody making programs keep children stuck at home not only entertained, but to keep them learning and healthy. Sami Marshal, a Beachbody coach, planned a daily physical education course with several other coaches who had children at home in order to keep them active, as well as provide even a little interaction with other children outside of the house.

The sessions will be noon Monday-Friday.

“It’s so important to keep our bodies moving especially when we are locked up inside all day,” Marshall said. “It will be through an app and kids will be able to see other kids. Because I also care about the safety of kids online, this is an “invite only” link.”

Questions and requests for links can be directed to Marshall’s business email, samio_fitness@yahoo.com.

Other exercise classes are being considered by the Cody Rec Center, depending on public interest. Kelly Serfas Bower held a Facebook event on the Cody Rec Center page last Thursday at noon, going through a series of exercises one can do at home. 

Bower is interested in doing more of them depending on interest expressed on the Facebook page.

A few other citizens of Cody have made suggestions on the Cody Classifieds and Love Thy Neighbor groups on Facebook. Bonnie Lawrence Smith posted several resources to the Love Thy Neighbor group, including online classes provided by Chatterpack, learning resources from Montana PBS, Google documents about practicing and learning art and virtual tours of several National Parks.

Lifehacker, a lifestyle weblog, also has various articles providing information on how to continue living a regular, healthy life during the coronavirus outbreak. 

One article includes links to over 500 museums that can be toured digitally, which would make for an entertaining and educational activity both parents and children can enjoy.

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