Jerry Farwell v. Paul Bliss dba Bliss Cattle Company; A 10 a.m. Thursday hearing will be held contemporaneously on the defendant’s motion to dismiss the case and on evidence. Farwell is accusing Bliss of falsely representing a $42,000 trailer he sold to him. The plaintiff has not designated a desired monetary judgement. 

State v. Cecelie Lopez and Don Mason; Mason was ordered to pay Lopez $476.

State v. Heather Heater and Thomas Sanchez; Sanchez was ordered to pay Heater $1,000.

State v. Harley Stewart and Bradford Hanes; Hanes was ordered to pay Stewart $560. Hanes must pay this debt at a rate of $280 a month. 

State v. Cecelie Lopez and Keaton Donlan; Donlan was ordered to pay Lopez $476.

State v. Sergei Yates; Yates was ordered to pay $476 to the State of Wyoming. Yates must pay this debt at a rate of $119 per month.


State v. Edgar Hume Sr.; The State requested a three hour sentencing hearing on this matter. Hume pleaded guilty to knowingly and willfully allowing children in the presence of methamphetamine in March. A presentence investigation was to be conducted by the Wyoming Department of Corrections to be submitted for consideration at his sentencing. Hume was also to receive a substance abuse assessment. The defendant was found with meth pipes at his home where five children were living in September 2017.

State v. Tyler Stonehouse; A Sept. 12 pretrial conference/change of plea hearing and Oct. 16 jury trial was set for Stonehouse. He was issued a $5,000 cash surety bond May 15 and is no longer in custody. Stonehouse is accused of conspiracy to deliver Schedule III controlled substance Buprenorphine, a felony carrying up to 10 years in prison and $10,000. In December 2018 Stonehouse was accused of selling 6.5 Suboxones to confidential informants.

State v. Courtney Waggener; Waggener pleaded guilty to conspiracy to deliver Schedule III controlled substance Buprenorphine and a circuit court misdemeanor for possession of marijuana. Under the plea agreement, her felony charge for delivery of the Schedule III substance would be removed, leaving only the marijuana charge on her record. If the court approves this plea June 12, Waggener will serve three years supervised probation with a suspended 3-5 year prison sentence. In December 2018 Waggener was accused of selling 6.5 Suboxones to confidential informants.

State v. Tristen Bishop; Bishop renewed his waiver of a speedy trial. The defendant pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for reckless endangering with a firearm at a hearing in Park County District Court on March 12. In his plea negotiated with the state, felony charges for assault with a deadly weapon were reduced to the misdemeanor for reckless endangerment, while a felony charge for property damage over $1,000 was thrown out. Since this was a cold plea, the sentencing judge will still get to determine the final punishment.

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