From 50 years ago, here are some stories that were printed in the Enterprise May 27, 1970.

Local Youth Risks Electrocution in Saving 5-Year-Old Local Girl

Little Gena Erickson was saved from possible death the previous Friday when Wayne Mullholland pulled the child from an electric fence, in complete disregard for his own safety. The child had been given permission to feed the neighbor’s horses, as she had the previous year, but the fence had since been electrified and was not marked. Erickson was unable to let go after touching it. Mullholland, who happened to be watching from his home, heard the child’s screams and ran to her aid. The impact of the electric shock threw him back at his first attempt to help, then he threw his arms around her and braced his full weight to pull her off. This risked him taking the full impact of the shock as he had run to her barefoot, and Erickson wore tennis shoes. The fence was then shut off.

$125,000 School Bond Placed On Ballot for June 23 Vote

School District 6 voters were asked to approve a $125,000 bond issue at school elections on June 23. The proposal was approved by the school board at the Monday meeting and it involved the purchase of a vacant business building and remodeling of some existing high school space.

They requested clearance to purchase the former Mustang Bowling Alley building on Stampede Avenue and convert it to an administrative and storage facility, and convert space in the high school into classrooms. Superintendent Robert Schrader said the opportunity to purchase a 8,000 sq. ft. building for $75,000 was “too good an opportunity to pass up.” Also, for the past decade, evaluation groups had suggested moving the central administrative office out of the high school building. The additional $50,000 would be used to set up the new offices and remove the present facilities.

Powell Youth Drafted May 26

Cory James Burgener, 23, son of Miriam Burgener of Powell, filled Park County’s May draft quota Tuesday when he left for induction into the U.S. Army. The quota was set for two, but the second draftee’s induction was postponed to finish school. The draft quota for June was set to three.

A Roller Skating Rink and Dance Floor 40’ x 60’

A new skating rink that can be increased in size at any time is being readied behind the A & W Drive-in. “These are wonderful kids and I’ll do anything I can for them,” the owner Clem Poechman said.

Skating sessions were from 10-3 and 3-8. Skaters had to furnish their own skates at the time of a fibre type, as no steel wheels were allowed on the wooden rink. From 9-1, there will be dancing with a live four-piece band. Poechman said he hopes to expand to a playground in the future.

Letter to the Editor

One citizen wants to take the opportunity to protest the unnecessary opening of places of business. That it has “reached a sorry state when we can’t close our doors of business even to honor those who have given their all for us.”

Of course, this is in reference to businesses, particularly grocery stores, being open not only on Sundays but also national holidays and Memorial Day. When one store did it, all stores had to in order to compete with them, leading all businesses to give into their and their customers ‘greed.’ This sentiment is completely inapplicable to the modern day.

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These " 50 years ago in the Enterprise " recollections weem more like an excuse to not expend the money and effort to report on current news.

So much underreported or going unreported these days ... why do we get stuff five decades old in its place ? Publisher got cramps ?

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