About eight miles up the Southfork, and a hundred yards down Bartlett Lane is the smallest library most people have ever seen. 

Near 33 Bartlett Lane, book lover Shea Lassiter recently built a Little Free Library. 

Little Free Library is a worldwide nonprofit organization driven to inspire reading. The organization supports neighborhood book exchanges through the Little Free Libraries. 

Cody has four libraries from the South Fork to Mentock Park. 

The LFL website provides an interactive map that shows the location of all registered libraries. 

Lassiter was inspired to construct a library herself on a trip to Oakland, Calif. 

The libraries were located in many Oakland neighborhoods.

“It seemed (each library) was particular to the demographic of that neighborhood,” Lassiter said. “If there were a lot of kids there would be a lot of kids books, if they were magazine readers then there was mostly magazines.”

Lassiter said it was neat being able to see the personality of each neighborhood through the books they read. 

She also wanted to bring the library to the South Fork because leaving for town in the winter, even just for a book, can be challenging. 

The building of the library was a quick task for Lassiter and her husband Steve. 

Lassiter worked as a cabinet maker so woodworking is nothing new to her and her husband was able to use siding from their house on the library. A friend was able to provide an old cabinet and then the library was built in just two days. 

The library was finished in early June. When completed its biggest fan was Lassiter’s young neighbor Elizabeth. 

Her fascination for the library earned her the role of being the winter steward. 

“It’s fun to see that it’s encouraging reading,” Lassiter said. “She’s really into it is what I thought was heartwarming.”

Stewards check up on the library to make sure it is still standing and in good shape. Lassiter is the summer steward since she lives in Arizona during the winter. 

The library has been up for only a couple months, but Lassiter said she has gotten positive feedback and “thank yous” from her neighbors.

“I just think it’s nice because we are a little community of dead-end streets,” Lassiter said. “We all know each other so I think it’s just another thing to bring a neighbor hood together.”

Visit littlefreelibrary.org to discover more about the organization. 

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