The moment after author Craig Johnson stopped talking about his new book “Land of Wolves” at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West last week, an audience member asked if the public would ever see the cast members from the popular Longmire series on film again.

Yes. Or maybe. Or perhaps some day.

That was Johnson’s multi-pronged answer.

The Longmire TV series, named after fictional Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire, did not disappear because of unpopularity after six seasons.

Netflix and Warner Brothers had a dispute over what to do with it.

“Right now we’re in a hiatus,” Johnson said.

Warner Brothers is streaming the old shows for a while. Depending on how rights issues play out, Johnson said, “There could be TV movies.”

Key members of the cast would like to continue on-screen, Johnson said, but the show is not likely to return with weekly airings because entire seasons required four-month filming periods.

However, the possibility exists for “Longmire” to come back as either movies or specials, with a shooting schedule that would last a month, Johnson said.

“The actors say they want to,” Johnson said.

“Land of Wolves” is the 15th book in the Walt Longmire series and Johnson revealed part of next year’s book will be set in Cody.

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Gunrunner Auctions

Yawn. Longmire whatever is purely anti-Wyoming. The only writer who gets it right is Cormac McCarthy.

John E

Hmmm...Craig Johnson lives in and had set every one of his books (with one recent exception) in Wyoming. None of Cormac McCarthys books are set anywhere close to or have anything to do with Wyoming. I can see how you might be a bit confused...have you ever been to Wyoming?


Let Peter Jackson of " Hobbit " fame make the Longmire movies. He turned a single children's book into three 3-hour epics...

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