Pete Kalb shops for Christmas presents at the Angles' Keep booth during Crisis Intervention Service’s annual Holiday Craft Fair on Nov. 23 at the Cody Auditorium.

Here is a game plan for a local corporate merger.

If Sauers Family Farm and Fab Soaps By Kami got together, Cody menfolk would smell better than any other guys in the history of the world.

As witnessed at the Crisis Intervention Services Holiday Craft Fair at the Cody Auditorium last Saturday, a fella could first invest in Sauers’ Outdoorsmen Soap that masks human scent before going hunting and then bathe with Kami’s Craft Beer Soap afterwards.

“This will make you smell good again,” said Kami Eldridge.

Who wouldn’t like to smell like raspberry ale?

“Exactly,” she said.

The annual show was jam-packed and everyone did not come only for the jam, although that was available. Holiday gift purchasers crowding booths in narrow aisles glanced at all types of jewelry, doodads galore, knit scarves and silk ones, knit hats, wooden bowls, wildlife photography and miniature art.

And buffalo skulls. Fancy, decorated, buffalo skulls, turned into art wall by Tina Jones, whose Casper business is called Hen and Chick.

“I’m the hen and she’s (daughter Haley), the chick,” Tina said.

Jones also does sheep.

Some 40 hours of labor may go into remaking just any old skull into something you would be proud to have mounted by your fireplace.

There may also be $800 worth of materials invested in the finished product for the items that can weigh 20 or more pounds. There may be agate, amethyst or other stones inlaid.

“I had a skull laying around and I just tried it,” Jones said of how she began in this genre.

While there seemed to be a limited selection of desserts on hand at the craft fair, one could buy a bottle of wine, bread and a box of selected cheeses accompanied by sausage.

“You could have a picnic right here,” said Lynda Brown, who was representing the wine table by selling prize tickets for the 18th annual Cody Rotary Club Wine Cellar Bonanza Raffle.

Back to the soap.

Surrounding the Outdoorsmen Soap for the Sauers Family Farm were cranberry scones that were cinnamon dusted, and jars of bread and butter pickles fermented.

It was not immediately clear if you merely popped the lid on the pickles you might have to lather up in the soap pronto. Hint. It’s a guy thing.

The soap works this way, said Jo-el Sauers: “You wash your beard. You wash your body. You’re supposed to smell like the forest.”

Design carving goes into Kami’s soaps and she often is told the bars are too pretty to use. Her motto, displayed on a sign at her booth, comes into play: “Life Is Too Short To Use Ugly Soaps.”

In addition to Craft Beer, she has a “Leather” smell soap. These brands are definitely more popular with guys.

And if the outdoorsmen rub the design right off the soap, then they’ll just buy more.

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