Weed Management in Sainfoin is now available from the University of Wyoming Extension to help potential and current sainfoin growers manage weeds in their crop.

Sainfoin has become a desirable option as a forage alternative due to its adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions.

“We get a lot of questions on how to manage weeds, since most of the available information on sainfoin doesn’t provide specific weed control recommendations,” said Andrew Kniss, University of Wyoming professor for plant sciences.

The bulletin is broken into three parts: weed control considerations for precrop, during the establishment phase and in the established sainfoin crop.

“Weed management is different in sainfoin compared to alfalfa or some of the grass hay species because there are far fewer herbicides available,” said Kniss.

This free bulletin is available as a pdf, HTML text or ePub at bit.ly/sainfoin-weeds.

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