The book will be available at Saturday’s event at the Cody Library.

 Cody native Jamie Cannon knew the name of her first children’s book before she knew anything else about it.

“I want to say it was divinely inspired,” she said. “I was driving down the road and it just popped into my head, ‘That Pesky Pickle.’

“We’re not a pickle-obsessed family – my kid doesn’t even eat them.”

But her 8-year-old son David and her father Gene Schrader have played key roles in getting “That Pesky Pickle” published.

A book signing is 1 p.m. Saturday at the Cody Library.

This debut children’s book is illustrated by Schrader and written by Cannon. She said David and his classmates in Cheyenne, where Cannon lives, provided quality control.

She had to convince her father, who owns Schrader Metal & Design in Cody, to use talents of his hobby as a wildlife pen and ink artist to draw pickles.

“He was actually really good at it,” Cannon said. “At first he was hesitant – now he’s into it.”

So much so that a sequel is in the works. 

For now though, they’re revealing their collaboration to people in their hometown.

Cannon said her goal with the book was to show children it’s OK to be different, and to share the magic of childhood, values she said she thanks her father for introducing to her.

“‘That Pesky Pickle’ is every kid’s favorite superhero. He loves adventure, is afraid of almost nothing, and totally believes in himself (well, kind of). When it comes to being unique, that Pesky Pickle has it all figured out. Join him on his exciting journey to discovering how cool being yourself is and what it really means to be brave,” said publisher Still Waters Transformation. 

The book is a new showcase for a classic artist.

Schrader’s artwork has included wildlife pen and ink, acrylic painting and colored pencils. He has participated in countless art shows, created T-shirt designs and produced cartoons for local community program events. 

He initially attended college to become an art teacher after being inspired by Jim Terry, his favorite Cody High School art teacher. He later changed career paths, but has kept producing art as a hobby.

“I’ve always wanted to write children’s books, and I finally corralled my dad. He’s a western pen-and-ink artist, and I said, ‘You can do cartoon illustrating, too,’” Cannon said.

She writes children’s stories, blogs and adult non-fiction. 

Now she’s hoping this new collaboration leads to more.

“This is a chance for us to have more family time,” she said. “And I’m big on doing what you love and I’m trying to show him that I believe that that’s the route to go, and the pickle is going to take us there.”

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