10 Cent Strangers has an upbeat set planned for its Concerts in the Park performance on Thursday at City Park. The music starts at 6:30 p.m. (Courtesy photo)

People looking for a melting pot of music may set aside two hours this Thursday to enjoy the musical performance of 10 Cent Strangers. 

An agglomeration of young and old, rock and country makes for a sweet sounding Americana band based in Laramie.

The members range from 20 to 60 years old. 

“A big part of the fun is the different expectations and life experiences,” band member Jay Shogren said. 

The band came together two years ago when the seven musically inclined acquaintances united from separate bands to try something new. 

Shogren said the name of the band came to be since they were practically strangers so the name seemed to fit. 

“It sounded like highly functioning misfits,” Shogren said. 

As time progressed, the members started to find their roles in the band and have become close friends. 

“It’s a pretty fun unit,” he said. “We generally have fun.”

The band primarily plays original songs written by Bob Lefevre and will be playing only a handful of covers during their Concert in the Park performance. 

The group was selected to play at the band shell and said it wanted to join the Cody fun. 

“We know Cody has a love for Americana music and appreciates it,” Shogren said. 

In the group, Jackson Clarendon plays the fiddle, Shawn Hess is on the upright base, Bob Lefevre plays the guitar and sings, Elianna Paninos and Laniece Schleicher sing, Shogren plays the resonator acoustic guitar and Mike Krupp plays drums. 

Shogren said the band will play a lot of upbeat music and hopes Cody enjoys a good Wyoming band.  

“They feel like dancing they should dance,” Shogren said. “They can enjoy the shade or come up front and dance with the band.”

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