Peter Kuyper and Hawks Hill Ranch LLC v. Ted Vlahos and Cathy Slikker-Vlahos; A request for a jury trial was submitted by the defendants. The plaintiffs accuse Ted Vlahos of slander and harassing Golden Key Ranch employees because of an archway sign that was taken off what they claim to have been the plaintiff’s easement, by the plaintiff. In response, the defendants said that the sign was located on their property and vandalized and removed without permission, and that their statements were not slander. The plaintiffs are requesting clarification of their easement and orders preventing the defendants from making slanderous statements and acts of harassment against them and their employees. Vlahos is requesting relief for damages and trespassing for the removed sign. The defendants have also requested a jury trial.


State v. Tyler Stonehouse; Stonehouse pleaded guilty to delivery of controlled substance Buprenorphine. He was sentenced to 2 years supervised probation and a 2-4 year suspended prison sentence. Stonehouse must also pay $305 in court fees at a rate of $75 per month. In December 2018 Stonehouse sold 6.5 Suboxone pills to confidential informants.

State v. Thomas Cover; Cover had his sentence adjusted to serve 10 days in jail starting Jan. 25. Cover was found with a pipe containing meth residue during a Cody traffic stop in July. He pleads guilty to possession of controlled substance meth, driving under the influence of meth, and driving with a suspended license in November.

State v. Robert Demoney; Demoney pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance in liquid form. Per his plea agreement, charges for being under the influence of a controlled substance and making a turn without signaling were dismissed. He was sentenced to a split sentence of 270 days in jail with credit for 136 days served. If he successfully completes this portion, he will receive 3 years supervised probation. Demoney also must serve $305 in court fees.

State v. Tristen Brewer; Branden Vilos, an assistant public defender, will now represent Brewer. Her prior attorney Scott Kath is retiring from public defending. She is facing 2 counts abuse, neglect, abandonment, intimidation or exploitation of a vulnerable adult, charges carrying up to 20 years in prison and $20,000 in fines. Brewer is accused of stealing money and keeping poor care of a Meeteetse man she was hired to take care of.

State v. Charles Kirk; Kirk’s charges were dismissed without prejudice. He was accused of intent to deliver a controlled substance, allegedly found with 9 capsules of brown vaporizer THC oil and a large quantity of marijuana paraphernalia. The state is planning to refile charges against him and he will have a preliminary hearing in circuit court Wednesday.

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