50 years ago, here are some stories that were printed in the Enterprise May 20, 1970.

Sylvan Road ‘Top Priority’ In Y. N. P. Building Program 

Superintendant of Yellowstone National Park Jack Anderson said he hopes the six year project on Sylvan Pass will finally be complete by the fall, and that it is the number one priority over all other road projects. Other improvements included by-passes at Lake and West Thumb and a parking area at Old Faithful.

Anderson was one of 60 guests of the Cody Club, representing Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area and Shoshone National Forest. Bruce Shaw of BHCNRA announced new services at Horseshoe Bend including fast food and fuel and docking services. John Amerman of Yellowstone Park Company said there would be major changes in food services under a new “convenience food concept.”


CHS Faculty Honors Charles Mitchell

School faculty honored Principal Charles Mitchell the previous week with teachers giving him a gift. Helen Audier, who presented it, said Mitchell “worked unstinting for the good of the students, school and faculty in a time when new and unusual problems arise more and more often.”

Mitchell had been principal since 1965. He had previously headed the junior high, and he regularly attended over 50 school activities and organizations.


Wold Supports Congressional Anti-Pornography Statute

Wyoming Congressman John Wold helped pass a bill to stem pornography advertisements through mail. 

Obscene and sexually provocative advertising could be blocked by families putting their names on a list, and “smut peddlers” could be fined up to $5,000 and jail terms of up to five years for the first offense. $10,000 fines and up to 10 years for the second.

“This is a significant step forward,” Wold said, “in insuring the privacy of Americans against receiving unwanted, filthy, degrading, crude advertisements which have come uninvited to their homes and offices.”


Operation Northfork “Tidies Up” Road To Park For Summer Season

As it was for several years, Boy Scouts assisted several government agencies and numerous locals to complete “Operation Northfork.” 

Over 80 scouts from troops sponsored by the Roman Catholic, LDS, Presbyterian and Trinity Lutheran Churches and the Elks Lodge picked up over 20 pickup loads of trash on the road between Cody and East Entrance. Trucks were furnished by the Wyoming Highway Department, Game and Fish, Shoshone Forest, Soil Conservation and several individuals. A hamburger fry lunch was provided by First State Bank at Clearwater Campground. Pop was provided by Webster’s Big Horn Coca Cola.


Ken Franks “Makes It” as Ventriloquist

Kenneth “Ken” Franks, Cody High School graduate, was known on stage and TV as Ken Kendell, the singing ventriloquist, actor and writer. In his act, Ken performed with three voices, his own and his little friends: Jason the Sheriff and Peppy. 

He had performed at various clubs on the coast and in Las Vegas, and went on roadshow plays such as “The Moon is Blue,” “Born Yesterday,” “Springtime for Henry” and “Beautiful People.” He was also in musical comedies like “Can-Can,” “Annie Get your Gun,” “Fanny” and “Carousel.” At Palm Beach, Florida he won chances on TV and radio shows, and in California he appeared with Harold Lang in “On the Town” and on TV with Liberace. He also appeared in the 1939 Academy Award nominated film, “Prelude.” Ken attended the University of Wyoming, and studied at the Pasadena Playhouse and under world-famous singers Mario and Ruth Chamlee.


(The Enterprise is diving into the archives for a glimpse at what was going on around town 50 years ago each week.)

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