Richard Rofe v. Dennis Danzik and Elizabeth Danzik; The Danzik’s were ordered to pay $1.3 million to Rofe. In 2015, the Danziks took out a $750,000 loan using their house and two replica batmobiles as collateral. The fees due include interest and attorney costs.

Joe Campbell, Barbara Campbell v. Chris Davidson, Tri-County Telephone Association Inc.; The plaintiffs have submitted a memorandum in opposition to the defendant’s motion for an order granting motion for a protection order. The Campbell’s are accusing Neil Shlenker of making a fraudulent purchase of TCT from the Campbell’s and breaching fiduciary duties when he purchased the company in 2014.


State v. Brandon Bulanek; Bulanek was served a split sentence of jail time and probation. He was sentenced to 1 year in the Park County Detention Center with credit for 104 days served. If he successfully completes this jail term he will be put on 3 years supervised probation. Bulanek admitted to breaking his probation conditions by drinking alcohol, taking opiates, smoking marijuana and failing to show up for probation meetings over the course of this year. In November 2018, Bulanek pled guilty to possession of marijuana, his third or subsequent offense for such. He was given a deferred sentence and placed on 3 years supervised probation.

State v. Derek Olichwier; Olichwier was ordered to pay $495 in restitution in addition to the 2.5 years unsupervised probation he already received. He must pay back this debt at a rate of $50 per month. Olichwier pled guilty to attempting to strangle a household member and unlawful contact. If he successfully completes his probation the strangulation sentence will be removed. He is accused of getting in a physical altercation with a female inside his apartment, choking and punching her, and throwing her laptop out the window.

State v. Anthony Pease; Pease is facing charges for strangulation of a household member, knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to another household member – his third or subsequent offense, felonies carrying up to 20 years in prison and $20,000 in fines. He is also facing misdemeanor charges for interfering with an emergency call and restraining another individual, charges carrying up to 1.5 years in prison and $1,750 in fines. The defendant is scheduled for a Jan. 9 pretrial conference and Feb. 12 jury trial. Pease is accused of punching and strangling his girlfriend until she blacked out this September. After she regained consciousness, he is accused of keeping her cell phone from and not letting her leave the moving vehicle they were travelling in.

State v. Tobe Leidholt; Leidholt is charged with possession of a controlled substance marijuana – his third or subsequent offense, a felony carrying up to 5 years in prison and $5,000. He is also facing misdemeanors for possession of controlled substance meth, making an illegal turn and illegal backing, charges carrying up to 100 days in prison and $400 in fines. The defendant is scheduled for a Jan. 9 pretrial conference and Feb. 12 jury trial. Leidholt is accused of being found with marijuana and two syringes while driving in Cody on Oct. 1. When drug tested he tested positive for marijuana and meth. He was already on unsupervised probation for possession of a controlled substance and driving while under the influence of alcohol at the time of arrest.

State v. Adam Mangold; Mangold has been allowed to leave his residence to attend his children’s school and extracurricular functions. He is also allowed to pick his children up from school three days a week and spend time with them up until 7 p.m. In March 2016, Mangold had his previously ordered 3-5 year prison sentence adjusted to a house arrest due to his mental condition. Earlier that year he had been found guilty for manufacturing or delivering of a controlled substance and causing the death of another person by criminal negligence. Another man died from an overdose in Mangold’s apartment in 2013 after he sold them fentanyl and diazepam.

State v. Samuel Funk; Funk’s request to have his 4 years supervised probation reduced to unsupervised was denied. He will be allowed to work out of state without a travel permit if necessary. In March, Funk was sentenced for his fourth driving under the influence of alcohol charge.

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