Aaron Davis and the Mystery Machine will perform at the City Park band shell Thursday night. (Courtesy Photo)

The second performer for this year’s Concerts in the Park Series will be Aaron Davis and the Mystery Machine. The performance starts at 6:30 p.m.

The quartet from Hoback will bring southern-influenced roots rock to the band shell. It’s hard to nail down a style for the group, whose music offers hints of country, blues and Americana.

“All of us have been performing individually for over 20 years,” said Aaron Davis, the band’s founder and lead singer. “We’ve had this quartet solidified for two years.”

The band is made up of Jason Baggett on drums, Mike Tatton on piano, organ, synthesizer, trombone, tuba and harmony vocals, David Bundy on bass and harmony vocals, and Davis on guitar, banjo, harmonica, lap steel and resonator.

Though it has settled into a quartet, the Mystery Machine used to be much more varied in its makeup.

“When we started, the idea was to have it be a rotating group of musicians,” Davis said. “That’s kind of where the name came from. It would be anything from a duo to a six-piece.”

Concert attendees can expect mostly original music with covers mixed in. Davis has played in Cody and locals may have seen him and his wife performing as Screen Door Porch.

The Mystery Machine has been on the road this summer, touring Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region. They also recently released an album, “The Meander.”

“Some of the best music has a profound mysterious quality to it,” Davis said. “That’s what draws me to it.”

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