New firearms exhibit

Cody Firearms Museum Curator Ashley Hlebinsky reviews labels in the “Combination Arms” section of Journeying West: Distinctive Firearms from the Smithsonian at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, reopens its popular Journeying West: Distinctive Firearms from the Smithsonian, just in time for the Center’s free Holiday Open House, Saturday, December 5.

On view since May 4, 2013, in the lower gallery of the Center’s Cody Firearms Museum, the exhibit now moves to a new space in the center of the museum’s main gallery.

“Continuing our relationship with the Smithsonian, this is our second firearms loan from their National Firearms Collection,” Cody Firearms Museum Curator Ashley Hlebinsky said. “We originally opened the display with 64 firearms; with this new loan, we renewed 42 from original loan and have added eight new objects.”

Themes in the reinterpreted exhibit include: A Race to Invention: Patent Timeline; Significant Arms of the American West; Combination Arms; Cutting Room Floor; and From Invention to Ownership: International and American.

“In 1876, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History established the National Firearms Collection – now grown to nearly 7,000 objects – in honor of the American Centennial,” Hlebinsky added. “From the Smithsonian Channel, this exhibit includes a video of the Smithsonian’s actual gun vault, which visitors are sure to find fascinating.

“We are honored to display these treasures from this historic collection. In the new space, visitors will immediately notice that the exhibit has more interpretation than before, particularly with the history of particular firearms and their owners.”

Favorites from the first exhibit on view include Jefferson’s Musket, Catherine the Great’s Jaeger Rifle, the Gatling gun patent model, and “the Mother of All Swiss Army Knives,” a device with a hundred blades and a tiny, .22 caliber pistol.”

While the children’s musket belonging to the Dauphin of France, Queen Marie Antoinette’s son, was in the original loan, the story behind it is now more prominent than before.

“New items in the updated space include TV’s Hawaii Five-0 star Steve McGarrett’s Colt Cobra and shoulder holster,” Hlebinsky said, “along with a flintlock grenade launcher, and a sword revolver.

“What can I say? We are so excited to have this wonderful exhibit in a more prominent location in the museum.”

The Smithsonian exhibit trades places with the Browning Firearms exhibit, which opens simultaneously with an updated display in the former Smithsonian space. The new space in the Firearms Museum’s lower gallery gives the exhibit eight more feet of display area. The exhibit focuses on Browning’s prototypes with a graphic production timeline.

Hlebinsky will be on hand at the Holiday Open House to give area residents a first look of the new exhibits.She’ll be stationed at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the Smithsonian area, and 11 a.m. in the Browning exhibit.

For more information about the Cody Firearms Museum, contact Hlebinsky at​ or (307) 578-4048.

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