The Stillwater Society and the Beartooth Plein Air Society will be the featured shows at the Carbon County Arts Guild through Oct. 29. The reception for both groups is 3-5 p.m., Saturday.

The Stillwater Society is a group of 17 artists who gather regularly for mutual support and to view one another’s work in progress. Formed in 1985 as a small group of five artists, they took their name from the fact that all of the original members lived or had summer homes in the Rock Creek, East Rosebud or Stillwater river region. The Society found the mountain landscapes and ranch country in those areas provided a rich source of subject matter for their paintings.

Artists in the Stillwater Society today include: Mary Blain, Mary Lee Darby, Elliott Eaton, Robin Earles, Jackie Inman, Jerry Inman, Nellie Israel, Jacquie Pritting Kittson, Steve Kuennen, Elizabeth LaRowe, Diana Mysse, Denney NeVille, John Pollock, Luci Scott, Carolyn Thayer, Robert Tompkins, and Dorci Newman Tremblay. All members of the Society have exhibited their work widely. Several members have won national recognition for their work.

Stillwater Society members work in a variety of styles and media. Whatever the style, abstract or representational, and whatever the medium, each artist tries to present an original, personal vision through his or her artwork.

The Beartooth Plein Air Society was started by a group known as the “Painted Ladies.” They were a small group of local painters who encouraged people of all artistic levels to try to paint plein air. Painting plein air is the act of painting outdoors to capture the landscape in its natural light. Thanks to the direction of founding Beartooth Plein Air Society members Dorci Newman Tremblay and Elizabeth LaRowe these summer long outings have evolved into one week of concentrated open air painting known as the “Plein Air Blitz.”

The Blitz takes place the last full week in July. This year the first day of the Blitz was hosted by the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge. Subsequent days included visits to Greenough Lake, West Fork Road, the Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course, and Roscoe, Mont. The plein air experience builds community amongst the painters and results in stunning works inspired by the Beartooth Mountains.

The 2019 Beartooth Plein Air Society: Plein Air Blitz Exhibition will include: Helen Donovan, Colleen Drury, Linda Franson, Dolly Frerichs, Carol Hartman, Deanna Hash, Elizabeth LaRowe, Helen Mackay, Diana Mysse, Karen Petrovich, Stephanie Rose, Shirley Shirley, Lynnsey Slanina, Dorci Newman Tremblay, and James Vincent.

For more information visit or call the Guild at (406) 446-1370.

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