Lupine graces the meadows of Carter Mountain.

Photographer Ron Everhart will present “The Joy of Carter Mountain” slideshow at 2 p.m. Saturday. The show is free and open to the public at the Cody Library.

For more than three years Everhart has explored the many faces and seasons of Carter, capturing aspects of the area with fellow photographer John Frasier.

“My first day on Carter, I identified 19 different species of wildflowers,” Everhart said. “I moved to Cody because of the mountains. My two favorite plants are cactus and there is only one species in this area. My second favorites are the alpine plants; those that grow above the tree line in the harshest of conditions. I can photograph these flowers on Carter and Beartooth mountains.”

The transit of the sun and different lighting conditions in the high country fascinate him.

He retired from teaching nature photography in 2001 after 35 years at Indiana and Purdue universities. He plans to teach photography in Wyoming.

He has written and illustrated 19 natural history books, including a 10 volume series “The Plant and Animals of Indiana.” Everhart has contributed thousands of articles to nature and gardening magazines.

Everhart attended the New York Institute of Photography in 1968 when it was a residential campus. He then went on to work in 15 national parks and three national forests.

Refreshments for the program are made possible by the Friends of the Cody Library.

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