Laurie Swan and Steven Swan v. Olive Glenn Golf and Country Club; Olive Glenn submitted a memorandum, opposing the Swans response to its motion for summary judgement. The Swans are suing the golf course and its board for $300,000 for alleged infringements to their business, Stampede Bar and Grill, while under lease. 



State v. Thomas Larson; State v. Thomas Larson; Larson was sentenced to 1 year unsupervised probation, a 1 year suspended prison sentence, $600 in court fees and $446.50 in restitution. The defendant pleaded guilty to all charges. Larson had a threatening with a deadly weapon felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor for recklessly engaging in conduct which placed another person in danger of death or serious bodily injury. He also pled guilty to property destruction of less than $1,000 and breach of peace. The defendant was accused of attempting to swing a metal rod, obtained from an IV stand, at officers while at Powell Valley Healthcare in December 2018. His blood alcohol content was measured at .214 percent that night. He admitted to causing $500 worth of damage at the hospital. 

State v. Mario Almodovar; Almodovar pled guilty to possession of meth, his third or subsequent offense. He was sentenced to 1 year supervised probation and a 1 year suspended prison sentence. He also must pay $250 in court fees at a rate of $30 per month. Almodovar was found with a meth pipe containing meth residue while riding his bike in March.

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