Fourth quarter, Meeteetse School junior high and high school students

6th Grade

A: Jillian Denney, Lewis Hesselbacher, Tayson Wheeler

7th Grade

A: Camille Anderson, Jayson Erickson, Kayla Horsen, Ethan Slazman, Jacob Schaefer; B: Gabi Bolli

8th Grade

A:Ashlee Allen, Samantha Cooley, Clayton Edwards, Hallie Ogden, Maylee Potas, Larissa Riley, Dakota Wheeler; B: Lindsey Wood

9th Grade

A: Kalvin Erickson, Ruth Hesselbacher, Kiana Horsen, Kennedi Johnson, Miya May, Mickle Ogden, Delanie Salzman, Emily Schaefer; B: Dace Bennett, Kale Justice, Skye Keller, Cooper Randol

10th Grade

A: Hadley Abarr, Alexia Allen, Loe Horsen, Abigale May, Samantha May, Tozai May; B: Tucker Hatch

11th Grade

A: Alicia Brock, Amanda Cooley, Asa Eldredge, Kaden Reddig, Bryce Salzman, Lauren Shepperson; B: Colton Bolli, Courtney Braten

12th Grade

A: Hoang Anh Bich, Kirwin Johnson, Anthony Kleusner, Levi Lamb, Taelor Ogden, Jirapuch Promlake, Pacen Zeller; B: Nick Anderson, Trevor Burbank.


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