Northwest College is offering a free online course this summer, which will begin Monday, June 8. The class, HMDV 1101 General Studies First Year Seminar, is three college credits and is for those interested in trying an online course or getting a jumpstart on earning a degree.

“Summer classes are a great way to go get a head start on your educational journey,” NWC Dean of Student Learning Greg Thomas said. “This opportunity is particularly exciting because it allows individuals to gain experience with online learning, to complete a course that teaches you how to be a successful student and that meets a requirement for every degree program at Northwest College, and to do all of that for free. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Students can choose to either audit the free course or take it for a grade. To learn more or sign up, contact NWC Enrollment Services at (307) 754-6101 or

Additionally, registration is currently open for individuals who are interested in taking other summer courses, too. Nearly all classes this summer will be delivered in an online format.

To see all NWC’s summer course offerings visit

Additionally, NWC will continue to offer its comprehensive student support services online, such as TRiO, counseling services, disability support, library services and many others.

There will be a few nursing courses that require a face-to-face component. Those students will take the majority of the class online, and the face-to-face component will be completed after the college has received clearance to do so.

Physical buildings on campus will remain closed and events will be cancelled through May 31 or until further notice; however, the College continues to operate digitally, and those with questions are encouraged to visit and contact the appropriate department with questions. All student and employee travel throughout the summer will also be cancelled or postponed until a later date.

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