A junior at Colorado State University who hails from Cody benefitted from a scholarship awarded by the Cody Branch of the American Association of University Women last year.

AAUW will be awarding another $1,000 scholarship this spring. For an application or more information, call Dona Copeland at (307) 250-2941 or email donacopeland@hotmail.com

“The scholarship I received went into a pool of money that I have been building since I was in elementary school,” Morgan Hertel said in an email. 

She’s pursuing a double major in conservation biology and ecosystem science and sustainability. 

“That pool includes a lot of my personal money, scholarships and Christmas/birthday money from grandparents,” she said. 

“The money is primarily used to pay for my tuition and books. However, last semester I had the additional funds from AAUW, which meant I could use some of the money for rent. This is such a gift because I am independent of my parents financially.

“With even just a month of rent paid for, I can focus more on school and less on my two, sometimes three, jobs.” 

Preference for the scholarship is given to Cody-area women who will be at the junior, senior or graduate level of college in their next semester. Deadline for the application is April 1, and the scholarship will be awarded May 1.  

Selection for the scholarship is based on scholastic ability, financial need, an indication of commitment to one’s chosen field, and the overall quality of the application. 

“If I could summarize what this scholarship means to me,” Hertel said, “it would be that any financial contribution to my education means that I worry less, spend more time focused on academics, and am guaranteed to have enough resources to get me through my undergraduate.” 

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