To the editor:

I believe in a 1 or 2 cent sales tax. 

We are a growing community that can not afford to do without proper bridge and road work, plowing services, recycling, landfill, etc. I hope we can own this budget problem as united citizens of Park County. 

Commissioners: Put this to a vote. 

(s) debbie marmon


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Gunrunner Auctions

The "thought" pattern that somehow a tax solves a complex situation is that of liberalism. Why possibly would a tax be needed when Cody city and Park County have reserves - our tax money - totaling over $30 million?

They should simply identify the structure(s) in need of repair - consider it an emergency and fix it/replace it with OUR reserve money.

Hiking the sales tax hurts area businesses/stores and encourages Codyites to make even MORE trips up the "Belfry Tax-Free" highway to Billings.

When you go to any of the big box stores in Billings the parking lots are full of 11 plates.

It's a fact that if you hike from a low 4% to 5% it will encourage MORE folks to make the drive. That's a savings of $50 on $1000. Yes, they will drive for that and DO IT - my customers tell me that and I've seen it with my own eyes.

More taxes in his boom economy? You gotta be kidding me....

Jackie Trehorn

Gunrunner, please consider that the onus should also be put on park co. citizens. Every cent they spend out of the co. only turns around and hurts ourselves. If people would quit shopping in Billings and quit shopping the Cody out of state owned big boxes (who only circulate about 21 cents per dollar in the community) and shop WITH our locally owned businesses (where about 78 cents per dollar spent circulates in the community), well, then, Park Co. would have so much revenue that they wouldn't know what to do with it. Codyites and the other good folks of park co. ....we are 'our' worst enemies

Joe Battin

A 1.9 million dollar deficit! It is admirable to be talking about solutions however it is the same solution to every problem... raise taxes. When will our elected official address the problem ? Quit over spending and living with in their means. It’s what people with out unlimited funds do!

Disgusted taxpayer

Tourist do not drive on local roads year tax is a better way to make locals pay for their daily use of infrastructure.

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