Just in time for the end of school and graduation, it appears the weather has finally decided to act like late-spring or summer.

It’s about time too, as May broke records for its cold and rainfall and caused outdoor events to either be soggy or pushed back.

June should provide many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, whether at a local event or at area parks and regional destinations.

We hope everyone can get out and enjoy the outdoors as it dries out and warms up.

There’s plenty to do. Cody has come alive with tourists and all the summer events that cater to both those visiting and those who live here, from the nightly Wild Bunch shows outside The Irma to the Cody Nite Rodeo.

Take a stroll downtown and check in all the shops and restaurants with doors wide open, listen to people swinging gift bags and speaking in a variety of languages.

Take advantage of the high water and go on a river rafting trip with a local company, or head to the Shoshone National Forest, McCullough Peaks or other public land around for a hike.

Head to Beck Lake, the Newton lakes, Hogan-Luce or Buffalo Bill Reservoir with a fishing pole.

Have high-energy children? Head to Glendale, Mentock or another city park to give them a chance to use up some energy along with friends.

On Thursday afternoon head to the parking lot in front of the Park County Government offices and Saturday morning to the Bob Moore Parking Lot for the Big Horn Basin Farmers Market and local goods and produce.

So, get out and enjoy what looks to be a good start to the summer season.


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