To the editor:

My letter to Sens. Barrasso and Enzi and Rep. Cheney in response to the National Weather Service and William Happer’s departure from the administration.

As anyone from Wyoming knows, the natural world is bigger and stronger than an individual, and so humans need to look out at the landscape with eyes wide open to the knowledge that helps one to prepare adequately for a drive across the state, or a hunting trip, especially with regard to life-threatening storms. 

Please bring Wyoming wits to DC and push back against the suppression of science that the Trump administration is undertaking. American people, from Wyoming to Alabama, depend on our scientists in the volatile world of weather. It is not OK that the president falsely warned of immanent danger in Alabama, and then his administration exerted pressure on public service sciences to support the president’s false claim. 

That sounds like Orwell or autocracy, not the democracy that has the best science in the world in its service. 

As your constituent, I’m writing to express my relief that Happer has left the administration. While I recognize the hard work that each of you does on behalf of the state of Wyoming, your records of casting doubt on established science places you in Happer’s camp for slowly dragging our country away from seeing the truth of climate science that was predictive and established by the middle of the 20th century. 

I challenge you in the remaining years of the Trump administration to promote science and stand up for it rather than promoting doubt. Bring out the best in him rather than tolerating the worst. Promoting science promotes foresight and action, action that would have aided the transition that fired coal miners are now facing as a free fall.

(s) mary louise keller


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Fox Blue River

I remember Carl Sagan saying something about science being the pursuit of truth. Unfortunately we have a President that lies eight times a day and a good portion of the public that doesn't seem to mind. I personally find it revolting, although I have lied and will do it in the future; I am more cognizant of it. Honesty is a virtue we should all strive for, the scientific method can call the bluff of our bias.

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