To the editor:

Some points of clarification regarding your front page article, South Fork home resort.

First, the residents of the area are not opposed to the presence of challenged adults (with suicidal tendencies according to the Squires). Many of those present at the meetings have worked with or volunteered with challenged individuals in our lifetime. Many have family members. This is not an issue of NIMBY.

Our issue is changing the zoning to a full time resort on a property with poor access, questionable septic and no well. Unlike Joe Tilden’s example, salaried staff will not be present and daily van trips will be led by volunteers. 

Anyone looking at the use of Davis Draw or erosion on the South Fork caused by this property would concur that the geological qualities of this property are questionable.

This frivolous change of zoning should make any resident in Park County very nervous.

(s) edlyn 



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