To the editor:

I recently traveled to Africa and was abruptly reminded of just how one properly enters another’s country. 

You do not crash the borders, but rather you present a passport, present other required documents and answer all questions as to your intent while in their country. 

I had several firearms with me and I had to have prior permits for these and they were subject to serial number checking several times during my 8,600 mile journey.

When I entered Germany I had to go through security and show my passport at immigration. I had to submit to questions as to my “holiday” plans. I had to get my firearms out and have the serial numbers checked and then examined for proper configuration. I went through security again.

Upon entry to Africa I had to present my passport and firearm permits again through immigration. At the airport police station the firearms were again uncased, the serials examined/compared, the firearm licenses examined/compared and the configurations of the firearms examined. I had to show my passport again. They reminded me of the day my papers expired. I was reminded to leave the country on that date.

When I exchanged my dollars for Rands I had to show my passport again. It was recorded.

When I bought ammunition in Africa I had to show my passport and it was recorded.

So what’s so wrong about what is going on in regard to treatment of border crashers on our USA southern border? Our border procedures are just the type of thing any country would do to safeguard its citizens and country.

I shudder to think what would have become of me to simply show up at the African border and crash through it. 

(s) scott weber


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