As the Cody School District adjusts to big changes, it’s important to keep sight of the incredible work being done within the district by staff at every level.

New transportation director Sam Hummel spoke at last Tuesday’s board meeting of the training his drivers and mechanics have received recently to help them better take care of problems with students on the bus. 

Hummel said they’re excited to think of themselves as educators, teaching the students they transport how to behave while on the bus.

Middle school assistant principal Patrick Couture and fellow computer-science-trained educators Sean Conaway and Janie Denning showed off the school’s computer science and STEM training. That training has resulted in dozens of creations by students, from a gun that shoots money to 3D topographic maps and video games.

A few students, some of whom have moved on to the high school, even had a hand in producing a new yard game produced by a Cody company. 

Meanwhile, recently a crowd of middle and high school students had descended on the Sweitzer Gymnasium for a Unified soccer tournament, combining mentally disabled youth with those in the general population for an afternoon of fun that set aside any differences. It’s yet another example of how Cody has led the way in inclusiveness in many areas.

Of course, one of the most important roles of a K-12 school system is to shepherd as many students as possible to on-time graduation. 

In that regard Cody is also excelling, as one of only 16 districts in the state to surpass 90% for graduation rate.

We should celebrate all of this success.


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