You know this country is in uncharted territory when the Colorado Tourism Office spends money asking tourists not to come to Colorado.

Last week the Colorado Tourism Office launched a campaign titled “Waiting to CO” to encourage people to stay home until conditions improved.

Cathy Ritter, department director, was quoted saying, “I think there certainly is a wish among practitioners of tourism there will be travelers this summer.”

That indeed is an understatement.

Officials in Colorado state government may not want tourists. Wyoming does.

Certainly there could be risks of the spread of the coronavirus and Wyoming has issued a statewide public health order outlining restrictions.

As Wyoming gradually reopens, some people may still not feel comfortable going to work or a restaurant or to Yellowstone. They can stay home. There is no law forcing them to go out.

Other people will start going out, but will remain cautious. They are welcome to wash their hands often, wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

Others are straining to get back to normal routines. They will be pushing the boundaries.

Please be considerate of all of those folks no matter how they feel and respect how they feel about getting back to normal.

Colorado may not want tourism.

Wyoming needs tourism.

Wyoming welcomes tourism.

Just remember to obey the statewide Public Health Order issued last week.

Remember that is not a suggestion. That is an order.


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Fox Blue River

"Other people will start going out, but will remain cautious. They are welcome to wash their hands often, wear face masks and maintain social distancing."

Everybody needs to be washing their hands and if they aren't then they need to be criticized for it.

Also people should be wearing a face mask when in the grocery or Walgreens. It doesn't protect you, it protects other vulnerable people who have no choice but to be there.

I have to tell you the behavior I have seen from a good portion of the boomers lately has only solidified the way me and just about everyone under 60 feels now. You aren't patriots, you aren't fighting oppression, you are just plain old jerks.


Cody and Wyoming tourism moguls will sell their very souls for 40 pieces of silver if it meant getting a few tourons to shake down sooner. Regardless of extenuating circumstances , like plagues.


I concur...100%

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