To the editor:

I wanted my 75 cents back, after reading Doug Blough’s opinion piece published in the Sept. 12, 2019, issue of the Cody Enterprise.

I am disappointed that the opinions regarding Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian were allowed to be printed. Mr. Blough was allowed to make fun of a new family in our community. His gross comments about body habitus, family background, politics and opinions were not funny. 

The worst part was making fun of and publishing  the names of the family’s children. How is this not bullying? None of this funny.

My only hope is that our new Cody Wyoming residents do not believe that all citizens think and act the way your opinion columnist does.

Wyoming is a diverse state and the citizens of Cody share that diversity. We have plenty of big spaces, big hearts and big ideas. The flip side of “don’t fence me in” is “don’t gate me out.” 

We do not know the hearts of famous people or non-famous people moving to our town. It is fair to say that people who do move here, do so because they are attracted to this way of life that we all hold dear. Mutual love for freedom, tolerance, nature and wide open spaces, draw us to Wyoming and keep us here.

To residents, lifestyle in the city of Cody is our “best kept secret.” I understand the concerns about wanting to protect it, but judging who gets to share it goes against our collective principles.

(s) terry gordon


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A paper has to sink pretty low to have the Doug Bloughs of the world be their best effort. Regarding the sheriff social media site and posts by deputies, makes many of us wonder if Steward is really in charge down there at the law enforcement fort?!...

Disgusted taxpayer

"To residents, lifestyle in the city of Cody is our “best kept secret.” True in Cody was much better before Husky Oil left.


[censored] I would like to know how the person is that is responsible for writing such a horrible post on the Park County Sheriff's office social media acccount (facebook) regarding the West family. Has Cody stopped that far down that our Sheriff condones this kind of behavior? Bullying by a representative of our sheriff's office is one of the last things I thought I would ever see. I've known Sheriff Scott Steward for many years and I can't believe he is actually allowing posts on social media by "deputies" representing Park County taxpayers. wow!!!


I most definitely agree. I actually came here looking to see if anyone spoke up! Thank you for being the voice of us non confrontational folks! Well said terry!

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